7 Things You Should Remind Yourself When Something Is Going Wrong

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7 Things You Should Remind Yourself When Something Is Going Wrong

It’s tough to remind it constantly.

And it may have happened to you or it happens right now, admit it…

In the morning, the alarm rings and the first thing that sneaks into your mind is “I don’t want to get up”.

When hitting the button unconsciously in order to turn off the alarm, you give still yourself a few minutes of sleep. But you can’t fall asleep because in your mind are already hundreds of thoughts. And without any surprise, negative thoughts beat positive ones.

Do you know that feeling, uh?

After a while, you kick your butt to get up. While trying to hardly open your eyelids, a body is still weak.

Then, you take shower, eat breakfast (if any), brush teeth, get dressed and set off for job or business.

More thoughts arise along the way but one of them continuously dwells in your mind.

What if something or someone makes my day miserable? Such as some people, colleagues, a traffic, some message or emails…

Meantime you schedule a day, you realise your current job doesn’t fulfil you. You try to figure out why and how to improve or replace it. But you catch out yourself of thinking about it already a couple of months.

And you remind yourself continually, you have to start over.

But damn when?

You try to pump yourself to work on a new habit, but as you remember from the previous endeavour, it won’t last long. And after a few days, you’re back on the same track as before.

Such a shame!

Regrettably, day after day it’s the same story. You desire to improve living, but you’re not capable of finding direction because something is going wrong…

Am I right?

Take it easy! You’re winning at this moment because this post will show seven things that you should remind yourself when your mind persists with gloomy thoughts.

And it’s insanely truthful...


Before you start reading, I want you to take action below.

Please find a place to read this post where you can be uninterrupted and alone. Try to clean your mind of everything except what you’ll read just now. Just focus on reading and try to open your mind.

If something’s going wrong, open this list of seven things below and read repeatedly.

It’ll pour into your subconscious a self-confidence with the energy. You should remind it yourself on a daily basis because nobody is capable of stealing it from you.

Always remind yourself that you have…

#1. Your Attitude Towards Yourself and Others

I know, it’s hard to keep a smile on your face during a whole day.

But try to think how it looks like when you smile at people. At lunch, when you walk in the street or at work. A smile cheers up everyone and the best part – it’s free.

Just a smile gives you the right attitude and opens the door to the human subconscious.

It works because they’ll remember, appreciate and remind the moment when you smile at them.

Don’t be afraid and try it. I’m practicing it while sitting at the café and writing this post. I wish you were here because if you see me, it works.

Whatever job, business or obligation you do, always start your day with the right attitude. Even if someone says something cynical about you, try to find a meaningful response with a smile on your face.

#2. Your Trusted Intuition

When you feel on yourself that you need to do something, pursue it.

Reflect your direction and don’t allow anyone to snip your thread of an idea. Everyone has own journey and you too.

When intuition tempts you to move abroad, don’t ignore it and take action. Or when it whispers to make lifetime differences because you struggle at work, at the office, at the assembly line or whatever you do, listen to it carefully.

There is always some cause of taking action.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment because the perfect moment doesn’t exist.

You’re the creator of your destiny and future because you endeavor to find the purpose of your awesomeness and happiness.

Everything you think is already inside you, even though you don’t know about it yet.

Listen to your trusted intuition, feel it, grab it, follow it, prove it, achieve it and live it.

#3. Your Own Decision

A wise decision will lead you to specific direction. A right direction works and matches great with a carefully thought-out decision.

Be continually ready to embrace the meaningful opportunity that might show up on your pathway. If you catch it with a smart decision and perform it well, don’t try to put later a cog into running wheel. Discover it and try to find positiveness in it because it can be the greatest decision that you ever make in your life.

Without an intelligent decision, you’re not capable of moving things ahead because you need to chase your goals smartly.

Excuses and losses don’t exist, if you deeply understand how and when to make the right decision, that’s called the true direction. Sometimes it lashes you but you must constantly remind yourself, why you began.

The wise decision will shape your life-pathway ever.

#4. Your Unique Personality

In order to find happiness and success, you need to embrace and accept your uniqueness.

Simply it means to enjoy things that fulfil you and make you happy.

But be concerned in several certain points.

On the one hand, it’s necessary to identify things that are urgent and important. On the other hand, things that aren’t urgent and not important. Stephen Covey describes appropriately these powerful things in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Usually, you face days bringing the sun with a rainbow but sometimes you can’t avoid times causing rain and thunderstorms.

When these days reach you, you have to have an “umbrella” that protects you against all negative moments, people, thoughts or things. In other words, an "umbrella" means to have your unique personality.

Don’t let anyone steal it from you because you’re the leader of your uniqueness.

#5. Your Feeling of Being Happy

It’s hard to overlook others success, but this is exactly you need to learn. Don’t judge other and simply believe in yourself.

You live just once and when you spend the time of speculating about others, you’ll end up in a shade of cynical thoughts.

I’ve gone through it, I remember it well and I’d never wanted to be sunk in these sarcastic thoughts again like before.

A feeling is an emotional state of reaction which starts influencing you immediately in the morning during your awakening.

Consider your emotions when you shut down the alarm.

Can you feel it?

What thoughts prevail in your mind in the morning? I want you to be fair with the answer.

The first essential step what to do is, you must start planting positive thoughts to establish a positive feeling of being happy.

It takes some time to master it though.

But as soon as you understand the essence, you’ll appreciate success and happiness of others. You’ll want to learn from them and your life will speed up meaningfully.

#6. Your Love to Others

Love can’t be forced and it’s the most powerful human feeling that has to be treated heartily. And it’ll come to you when you least expect it.

While building any deeper relationship, you must put it on top of your priority list.

Some people are successful in their business life by chasing their authority tens years, but suddenly they recognise, how empty are their lives.

In order to keep balance, spread your love to everyone around you who is important. Be constantly kind, open your heart and above all, be honest.

That’s how you handle affectionate feeling in your heart.

The main principle is an utter happiness. By loving others and giving them back, your life thrives.

#7. Your Life Experiences

Everything you experience in your life, it’s written forever in your mind.

When you travel or live abroad, there are dozens of facts that affect your life. And they’re, unfortunately, forgotten and unseen.

After achievement comes wisdom but the path isn’t as easy as you might think.

Usually, you have to go through losses, life lessons, over obstacles that drag you down. But you always have to stand up because every cell in your body becomes stronger and invincible.

As the time sculpts your personality, you gain skills and use them to pursue your following dreams. You’ll reap the golden egg soon and discover how powerful experience is especially abroad.

Let’s Remind These Things in Your Daily Life

Remember, the life isn’t only rainbow and sun, it’s also full of rain and mists.

But the good thing is after every rain comes the sunshine that makes all these things positive.

While you go through darkness, at the end of the tunnel should be always the light with hope, believe it.

I know, you’d wish to have purely a shiny time. If you have that day right now, enjoy it. And when you have a gloomy day, don’t worry about it because nothing lasts forever.

Always remember that everything is temporary.

You should remind it every morning, but I assume you probably forget and ignore it.

A quick tip right now to enhance that purpose is to:

  • get up every morning and think positively
  • read your statement
  • eat healthy breakfast
  • exercise few minutes daily

Because positivity is the key to happiness and success.

Work hard on things that fulfil you and spread your time in building long-lasting relationships.

Do it day by day and you’ll see the result soon.

Stay positive and stay patient.

Take action and be a Doer!

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