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Patrick V. Cicha

Hi | 你好 Doers,

My name is Patrick Cicha, I’m the owner of PDBlog, vivid Blogger, Entrepreneur & Learner Investor.

I’ve started calling my blog readers, “Doers” (men and women of Action), therefore if you’re new, let me welcome you & and proudly say, “Welcome Doer” 😉

I’ve been trying to blog a few years ago just from curiosity, probably like most of us.

Unfortunately, I’ve failed with my first, second, third blog because I wrote about everything and I was shooting into the darkness of blogosphere. Then I realized, I have to learn first from the experts and write about what I experience.

The point is that blogging isn’t easy but it’s fascinating, challenging and feasible if you know what to do.

So what I’ve learned during last year I apply now.

This is my personal blog and below you can find what is PDBlog about, but first here are few things about me:


Just like many of us, I went through a school education system. Primary, secondary, high school, and university. I’ve spent in school over sixteen years…


After high school, I worked in an IT company and when I watched people around, I realized that this life I do not want. I dreamed of living and working abroad…


So I became a Doer, the Man of Action. That’s why PatrickDoer.com. In 2006, I flew to study a college in Sydney. This country ignited in my mind a right direction and showed me how life can be diverse…

Lover of Online Marketing

After returning, I worked in a several IT companies along with graduation as a Bachelor. The influential breakthrough came in 2009 when I started discovering deeper the beauty of digital marketing, e-commerce, and website development. I was thrilled, inspired, highly motivated and I began to grow. In spite of it, I lacked one essential point, to work abroad at an international company. So I had to act…

ESL Teacher

I packed my life into one luggage and flew to Asia. It was tough! After a couple of months wandering, I ended up in Hong Kong. I fell in love with this city. In order to stay and work, I got an offer to teach English. I grabbed it…


During teaching, I continued learning about digital marketing and started writing this blog. I’ve read, watched, bought courses and acquired knowledge about headlines, copywriting, SEO, email marketing, and traffic tactics.

The more I’ve learned about online marketing, the more I’ve aspired to work in this industry again.

And then it happened…

Business Development Manager

I’ve been cooperating in Hong Kong with the company called DOOD Limited, and in a certain business process, I still do.

So when it comes to a tailor-made website or e-commerce development, I would definitely recommend their services whether you’re in need of professional and elegant custom-made website or e-commerce development.


Together with blogging, I’ve always been passionate and involved in the e-commerce industry.

I’ve recently launched a dropshipping e-commerce store that offers affordable business accessories for startup entrepreneurs.

Would you like to look fancy and elegant? Well, the main goal of this online store is to help you as a startup individual to use inexpensive products while closing and hustling a business deal. And what is more extraordinary? You can proceed a payment with Bitcoin, which is awesome!

When I listen to or talk about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, this entire technology fascinates me with enormous attention. It heats my heart and I feel, this is the right way to follow digital currency era and discover more.

Furthermore, I’ve established a private tutoring Teach Me Czech and we teach a few students the beauty of Czech.

Additionally, I do also consultation and public speeches about personal development, blogging and e-commerce dropshipping.

What is PDBlog about?

I write about strategies for finding the right decision, direction, inspiration, happiness, and success while pursuing goals in personal or business life.

Summing it up, I mainly contribute to the favorite topics related to:

  • Personal development
  • Business development
  • Online income streams
  • Digital online marketing

These are basically success strategies in business life 😉


The goal of PDBlog is to give you ideas on how to recognize a better life. 


PDBlog is Your Real Guide to Success.

What’s Next?

Everything on my blog is backed by personal experience and the building of enduring happiness along with success takes a lot of time, hard work, patience, and determination. So I’m practicing and honing my craft.

And here is something that I want to give you.

Wondering, how to find the right direction of your life? Then read this post.

If you want to change for the better your lifestyle and start your journey towards financial freedom, here are three ways that work!

Would you like to boost your life by five simple actions? I’d recommend reading a short eBook Five Kick-Ass Actions. Grab it!

If you think about teaching English abroad and don’t know where to start, read this article first. After that, you might be interested in The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide.

I appreciate your time.

I hope you’ll enjoy and use my eBooks wisely.

So once again thank you for your time and I look forward to connecting with you.



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