7 Truthful Facts of Finding Yourself While Teaching English Abroad

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Teaching English Abroad

You should experience it.

If not now, when?

Time is running so fast and you become older, right?

Teaching abroad is the best initial steps of exploring the world.

Whenever you’ve done or do research about teaching English abroad, requirements and conditions, you likely want to escape your current life and try to find yourself.

Am I right?

I’ve been there…

Let me guess.

You want to boost your life and find happiness along with success abroad. You hope to have full control over your life.

Am I close?

The plain truth is people usually say it when they ponder over exploring the world for a longer time.

I’ve said it too…

The open question is.

Why should you find yourself while teaching English abroad?


Do you think it’s easy-peasy?

Just like that, pack up your luggage and go? Leave, teach, earn, enjoy, be happy and successful?

Whatever reason it is, I need to emphasise one essential point which it’s backed by life experiences of many people.

You should think about teaching abroad as a bridge which connects your dreams over reality to happiness.

It might be your guide from comfort zone to the accomplishment of something great.

Do you get it?

In other words, when you recognise the meaningful point of teaching English abroad, you’ll be challenged to do things that’ll lead you to find yourself. Because on this path you realise the essence of life and how important is happiness.

With teaching, you’ll shape your attitude, personality with temperament.

And by the end, you’ll have a clear decision which probably lies on the other side of the planet in a foreign country.

But I have to warn you. After reading, it might either strengthen or weaken your decision in starting the adventure in teaching.

You must be ready to accept or decline these facts.

Before you dive into reading I want to tell you something.

I’ve been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2015. I would never have imagined that one day, I could stand in front of the children in Asia and convey them my knowledge. I’ve refused to become a teacher but then something happened.

Teaching English abroad has been turning my life upside down. More precisely in personal development. It let me develop writing skills as well as it helps me to be more confident in speaking.

And now, I’m here and I’m telling you the genuine truth. You can agree or not.

To become a TEFL teacher is a challenge but the bridge you go on is undoubtedly full of abundance.

When you begin this journey, you won’t likely teach the rest of your life but you should find yourself.

The list of seven truthful facts in teaching English abroad will help you closer understand the bridge between your dreams and happiness.

Ready to discover them?

1) Overcoming Fear

Whether you believe it or not, you’ll thrive.

It’s like going to the gym or practising playing the piano. It’ll take some time to cross a bridge that will allow you to take full control of your life. But the result is incredible.

You’ll face certain challenges and you must learn how to overcome the first uncertainty – fear.

Yes, the decision to move to a foreign country might be terrifying. Because you must find the courage to leave family, relatives and friends. But in the end, it's prosperous. 

While everything goes smoothly and you’re determined to teach English abroad, the first challenge will appear soon.

Let’s imagine the truthful fact.

You feel the stress and nervousness as never before.

As soon as you enter the first day to a class of full students, you’re shaking, your throat is super dry and doubts hit your brain with the question.

What the heck am I doing here?

For a moment darkness appears in front of your eyes, but the view of children quickly chases away the fear.

Then you find yourself in a world where is no escape for a while.

And then you realise, hey I did it! I overwhelmed my comfort zone and I’m here.

You feel how the energy, confidence, courage, faith and determination are spreading in your veins and whole body.

In this point, you’ve learned how to overcome your fear!

Once it becomes at least a year of teaching English abroad you’ll have found in yourself much more confidence and self-assurance than at any university in the world.

The First Truthful Takeaway

"Do the first step, face it, overcome it and let it happen."

2) Personal Growth

While you’ll be spending more time by teaching, something will be missing you.

You’ll lack the freedom and full control of your life. You’ll beg to have more time in order to explore the beautiful world around you. Just like other jobs, teaching brings responsibility and you’ll be stuck in school or learning centre.

You’ll say yourself that this isn’t what you wanted at the beginning.

Take it easy because everything you’ve done so far makes a huge sense.

You should recognise these two meaningful points.

  • Firstly identify, why you’ve started teaching English abroad and how far you’ve already gone.
  • Secondly, you must start thinking about online income stream that will allow you to take full control of your life.

Does it sound feasible? Definitely yes!

Because this is another crucial step of your growth.

The step which helps you slowly pass a bridge from your dream to sovereignty.

Just think of it twice and look back for a while how far you’ve already walked. Don’t stop for a long time, just for a few seconds and again, be proud of yourself how far you’ve gone.

The Second Truthful Takeaway

"Treat teaching job as a bridge for your higher goals and always make sure, you are doing it for your own purpose."

3) Interaction with Children

Before I started teaching English in Hong Kong, I had thought it's easy.

The plain truth is, it’s all about hard work and training.

When you teach, you can discover that sharing of your knowledge is wonderful feelings. Even if you can barely talk with pupils because they’re young, in their eyes is always the desire to learn English.

You’ll found out that you do not just convey knowledge to children, but at the same time, you acquire a bunch of new skills from them as well. Obviously, it depends on the level of English you teach.

I’ve experienced some great times when I felt really cool. For example, playing a table tennis with students or talking about the world.

It doesn’t matter what topic because interaction with children during teaching English abroad will teach you especially patience and tolerance.

Beyond all these experiences, you’ll always have a great feeling that you give students at least a part of your knowledge. And hopefully, they'll remember it in their lives.

The Third Truthful Takeaway

"You teach children and at the same time you learn how to build happiness."

4) Getting to Know the Diversity

You’ve walked already so far on a bridge from your dreams to getting to know yourself and finding happiness.

You also think of your online income stream as the ticket to take control of your life.

It comes to the point that you realise, you rise understanding of diversity foreign country where you live.

You like exploring places that for local people seem so common. You encounter difficulties of local language which it’s hard to understand. However, it’s possible to learn.

As a TEFL teacher, you’ll listen to two or more languages. It might influence you to learn another foreign language too.

Can I tell you anything?

As mentioned before, I’ve been teaching in Hong Kong since 2015. If you decide to teach English in Hong Kong, you must be prepared for completely various culture.

The advantage of Hong Kong is its diversity and almost everywhere you can find inscriptions in English.

It might take a long time to put yourself into the local culture as well as find some friends. You must understand and adapt yourself to the diversity of the city and people around.

Once you start teaching plenty of things will change and begin to take quick action.

It’s logical because you'll be frequently surrounded by local people.

Getting to know the diversity will speed you up to happiness.

The Fourth Truthful Takeaway

"The diversity of foreign country will teach you who you really are, how you behave to yourself and others."

5) Not to Be a Tourist

I don’t believe you’ll buy an air ticket and fly to a country where you’ll stay permanently. That’s insane.

I believe you’ll first want to try teaching English abroad in countries and cities where you’ll feel comfortable.

But before you settle down, you’ll be always a tourist.

And you know what’s really strange? Even if you go home for a while, you’ll be a tourist in your own town or city. That’s the genuine truth.

So how to avoid it and don’t be a tourist in a foreign country?

Well, the answer to this question is quite hard to respond.

However, my experience is, you must persist in a foreign country at least one year or even longer and learn. If you don’t do it, it’s tough to adapt. Certainly, you’ve got your teaching job, but the life might suck you. Be ready!

When you don’t feel satisfied where you’re right now, pack up your luggage and leave. The life is too short be at the place where you don’t want to be. You have always a choice to fulfil your commitment and accomplish something great in your life.

Always remember, you should continue walking on a bridge toward your success.

At a glance, teaching English abroad along with the label of tourist is not easy.

But once you understand the essence how to do not be a tourist, you’ll find happiness.

The Fifth Truthful Takeaway

"Continue walking on a bridge toward your happiness and work hard of elimination the label to do not be a tourist."

6) View of Life

Before you start teaching, you don’t realise the essence of things or situations in your life that you overlook.

While living in a foreign country and culture you’ll look at these things with a completely different view. And you’ll see circumstances more creatively.

Teaching English abroad gives you invaluable knowledge with a big life lesson called patience. What is the best, you put immediately it to practice.

The patience which you’ve never experienced before.

Try to imagine, you teach pupils in the age 4-5. You must explain them family members and teach them vocabulary. Not all of your students will be at the same level, so you have to be extremely patient.

You might also learn outside of school that patience is the key factor in Asia. Not everything will become immediate as you expect. Don’t try to compare Western people against Asian. If you’ve never been in Asia, you must be prepared for diversity that you’ve never encountered before.

You’ll sink sometimes into nostalgia. Not just like you want to pack up everything and go home.

I mean seldom gloomy thoughts will show up in your mind. But you just swallow it and move on because you’ve decided to undertake this mission by yourself.

Your mission will help you to realise the value of family, close friends and things that you’ve overlooked. You must continually remind yourself, why you’ve started.

Some people never experience the beauty of getting to know foreign countries. I don’t want to be same and you shouldn’t be either.

The Sixth Truthful Takeaway

"Appreciate every moment of your life and always chase happiness."

7) Taking Control of Your Life

Do you remember your final assessment at university?

Was it tough or easy?

Either difficult or not, you possess a very valuable document.

The reason why I’m asking you is that your current university degree gives you the opportunity to teach English in Hong Hong along with TEFL certification.

If you have the doubt of not having the university degree, don’t panic. You might teach English abroad in many fascinating countries around the world. You'll always be able to fully control your life.

Never forget the purpose of finding yourself abroad.

It's possible that before you leave, in your head will dwell uncertainty with a dilemma.

Uncertainty is only a temporary form of feeling which can be influenced by positive thoughts.


In order to overcome it, you must take the right decision which will lead you on a bridge towards your happiness. That’s is definitive!

Once you step out of your country, this is the proven part that you want to take full control of your life.

Things to remember

Sometimes you’ll meet a situation which will irritate you. You might have negative thoughts to quit everything. Additionally, you might have some arguments with your colleagues or superior at work. You’ll definitely face it.

I need to tell you this.

If you start teaching English in Hong Kong or other Asian countries, always read the contract of your employer before signing. You could think that conditions or rules should be same as in your home country, but you must be careful. Don’t let anyone to take control of your life. Certainly, it’s a job and you have to respect it. But sometimes it can stand against you. Be alert and have always open eyes.

And here is another harsh truth.

I want to emphasise, teaching English abroad isn’t only the sun and rainbow, but also you must be aware of limitations. Unfortunately, you won’t get freedom, you’ll be in a "rat race" as before.

But the pros is, it’s valuable and it'll lead you to your happiness. No doubts!

I believe teaching abroad will drive and accelerate you to learn and develop online income stream.

Because you will desire to find success.

The Seventh Truthful Takeaway

"You must take control over your life in order to find happiness and success."

Now It’s Your Turn

While teaching English abroad, you might be assured that it’d be a leading step of finding the right decision in your life.

Because of teaching English you’ll see how far you can go.

It's the process of the experiment with yourself.

Never forget how far you’ve already walked on.

In conclusion, I want you to remember the key point of the whole post.


"You should think about teaching abroad as a bridge which connects your dreams over reality to happiness."

Pack up your luggage, hit the road, teach English, build online income stream and live a life you always desire.

You may have never lived and taught abroad, that's why the seven truthful facts can help your decision.

If you teach or have already taught elsewhere, I have a question for you.

Have you found at least one similar truthful fact during your teaching English abroad?

Additionally, would you add any other truthful facts?

Let me know in a comment below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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