3 Ways to Build Your Financial Freedom While Having a Full-time Job

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3 Ways to Build Your Financial Freedom

Financial freedom...

How intriguing are these two words and you hear them everywhere, right?

You ask continually, how and where to start building an asset. The burning desire dwells inside you to escape 9 to 5 job and live a life that you truly want.

While stumbling around the internet, reading other success stories deeply inspire you. And because of their achievement, your desire is day by day stronger. A browser in your computer is full of bookmarks and you try to sort them out logically. It's terrifying, but you don't want to back down. The light at the end of the tunnel is bright because you don't want to rely on a monthly paycheck and listen to your boss constantly.

Suddenly, you sit, read, think, and study. You skip one advice to another because it's difficult to keep the mind on one particular path. Somehow, you end up at the websites that describe uncomplicated ways, how to generate an asset. It lures you to invest and get a high return in a short period of time. The websites glory the system with strategy and it's easy to succumb. Your thoughts forget about legitimate ways to make money online because it takes longer time. And you want to be sharp because you feel, there must be a swift way. Motivation is pumped to the soaring level and you're determined to go for it.

But then, you find this post... luckily!

When reading a few paragraphs, something pulls you back and whispers, hold on. You nod your head and realize as a first step, you have to make a wise decision.

To be honest, I've been there and I know how you feel right now. I've been living abroad for four years and finding the right direction of making money online, it's tough.

But let me tell you something. There are some certain ways, how to live a life that you truly desire.

I want you to sit down, forget about any fast-growing rich scheme tactics and start reading following opportunities that really work.

Are you ready?


Before we dive into three ways that'll enable you to achieve what you really want, let me ask you a question.

What does financial freedom mean to you? Are you aware of what financial freedom stands for?

Let's clarify it shortly.

What's Financial Freedom?

According to Rich Dad blog post written by Kim Kiyosaki - by the way, I really love it, she talks about financial freedom is much more than having money. It's about who you really are and especially do, what you enjoy to do.

It's definitely a process of personal development and certainly, you want to reach that stage of being independent. But what does it actually mean to be independent? I meet some people who believe to become financially free, you should make an enormous amount of money. But unfortunately, this isn't true.

In order to have a life you desire, you need to cover at least your monthly expenses. How much it is, I don't know. But obvious point is, each of us is distinct. So, whether you require for your life $3,000 or $10,000 per month, by building some of the below-mentioned opportunities you may achieve financial freedom. And if you want to be financially free, you need to be better as well as a different person than yesterday. It depends only up to you and your attitude to change something.

Do you get it?

I've been visiting many events, seminars, workshops, training as well as meeting successful people that are financially free. I try to understand all the time, how they work and especially, how they think. During listening and discussion, I've found three the most reputable ways to start building financial freedom. I'm persuaded and assured they work because of their reputation.

How to Build Financial Freedom?

You may have read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad together with Cashflow Quadrant that teaches a fundamental truth about financial education. In order to be wealthy, you need to stop thinking as a majority of people and reduce trading of your precious time for money. Instead of that, you need to start thinking, how money can work for you.

But damn Patrick, how to do that?

While still having your full-time job let's say as a business development manager, teacher, consultant, trainer, programmer or whatever you do, you should consider following opportunities for building an asset. They've reopened my eyes and enabled me to sort out thoughts after several years to the right direction.

What Assets to Establish?

Simply said, you should begin establishing your own online businesses. Why online? Because we live in the information era and the internet surrounds us practically everywhere. But if you think to do it alone, sooner or later you'll end up in the rat race again. To escape a race, you need to involve and leverage other people. Does it make sense? Even though it sounds like an effortless way, the pure truth is, it's for the long term and there isn't a guarantee to succeed. Frankly, it depends on what online business you choose.

Along with growing your online business, the genuine choice on how to achieve financial freedom quicker, it's becoming an investor. You'll find out later below.

You may ask, yeah that's right, but I hear about it everywhere like build your business, join some network marketing company, invest money, etc.

As your friend and teacher, let me mention here three directions, that are worthwhile to take action as soon as possible. You may pick them or let them be, there's no pushing on anything.

They're sorted out from less investment of money to reaching a financial freedom by putting a significant cash flow into your pocket every month. Each of them is so powerful and might bring you a tremendous asset on a daily basis.

I literally love, learn, study and build them at the same time.

But I need to warn you. Following three directions require learning and the most important part is to take actions.

#1. Blogging

Now you can be frustrated because you notice information about blogging everywhere. You've read most likely a ton of articles about it and perhaps, you've already tried.

But let me say something.

I was in the same situation in the beginning of the year 2015. When I'd moved to Asia in 2013, I swore that one day somehow I’d succeed. I didn’t know about blogging anything, I didn’t even have enough money to go back home and start over. I struggled more than two long years, without any direction of life. I was literally invisible, erased from the world, broke as hell living in the poor country.

Why am I saying you this?

Because I never give up to achieve financial freedom. Along with my previous job in Hong Kong as a teacher, I decided to learn copywriting, explore blogging and try writing.

You may find out that blogging is complex and I have to confess, yes it is. At the beginning as a total newbie, you struggle because you have no clue what to write about. During doing research, you discover that the best platform building your blog is most likely WordPress. So you learn and simultaneously need to solve many technical issues. It's confusing and usually, you want to give up.

Damn, I wanted to quit again and again. I've changed my direction many times without any understanding of what I do. But then, something happened and I have to give you a clue along with the right direction of becoming a blogger.

How to Start Thinking as a Reputable Blogger

Inevitably, you have to find a mentor. It doesn't mean to meet your mentors personally, just on the internet is perfect. Sign up for their newsletter, read their blog, watch webinars, purchased their courses and most importantly, model them.

It's not my priority at this moment to teach you things such as building a blog, writing, finding your audience or driving traffic. My purpose is to reveal the best websites with online entrepreneurs that you should stick with.

Strategy and Best Websites to Learn from

SmartBlogger is a MUST! Jon Morrow is a God of blogging. As soon as you connect with him and understand his personality, you'll want to be a reputable blogger. This is something I can guarantee without any doubts. Jon teaches a new way of blogging, without any knowledge and technical stuff, check it out. His blog makes $1 Million per year, so you'll be in the right hands.

ShoutMeLoud is a blog of a guy from India. If you want to know deeper about blogging and technical things, Harsh Agrawal teaches perhaps everything. He makes tens of thousands of dollars per month and you can find his monthly report on his blog.

Once you learn essential strategies and make your decision of what to write about, you need to regularly read similar blogs.

I write on PDBlog about strategies for finding the right decision, direction, inspiration, happiness, and success. My popular websites related to blogging are IWillTeachYouToBeRich, Marc&AngelLifehackMillionaireMentor, EventualMillionaire, and RichDad.

That's all, no more. As you can see, these are top blogs that make a good money for living. Don't you think? But don't be overwhelmed by tents of websites, just find a few and glue on them. Obviously, you may not follow same entrepreneurs like me, but whether you have a burning desire to walk this direction, you need to find them and be persistent.

Hard-work Will Pay off

I wanted to give up oftentimes, but I never do it. And the point is, it pays off. I've been invited to a Productivity event in Hong Kong to have a presentation about my eBook FIVE KICK-ASS ACTIONS. This is the way, how you can grow as a reputable blogger even if you just get started.

It'll pay off, trust me. Believe yourself and mainly, give it time but never stop taking action.

And even if you most likely don't realize it right now, blogging is a type of asset that can bring you financial freedom.

Blogging is a type of asset that can bring you Financial Freedom

#2. Dropshipping

Have you ever heard of a dropshipping business model? You either have or haven't, you should seriously take into consideration this online business model.

While blogging is mainly about writing and virtual products, building an e-commerce dropshipping store is about selling physical products. Furthermore, it's mastering customer service and marketing advertising.

What if I told you, you don't need to hold products in your physical store, but increasingly sell them online, would you believe it?

The potential of e-commerce dropshipping model is immense. According to eMarketer, retail e-commerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending that year. That's incredible!

What does it mean for you? The e-commerce market is booming and you can start your online business based on a dropshipping model with a small investment.

What is briefly a dropshipping

According to Oberlo, dropshipping is the easiest way to start an online business because store owners can sell products to their customers without actually stocking the items themselves.

A dropshipping business model looks very simple, but there are tons of things to learn and understand. You'll need to choose the right platform to start with.

On the one hand, if you're familiar with WordPress, then you should go definitely with its extension WooCommerce. According to AliDropship, more than 39% of all the online stores worldwide are powered by WooCommerce. On a global scale, it makes WooCommerce a number one solution for building online stores.

On the other hand, if you just get started and lack technical knowledge, then you should go for Shopify along with Oberlo as well.

Good to know, I won't go deeper in this post about it, but you should definitely take into account whether dropshipping would suit your needs.

I've recently started my e-commerce dropshipping store and you'll find out gradually on PDBlog some basic information.

Once you find your niche with well-selling products together with mastering marketing tactics, as a next step, you might start selling private-label products and build your brand. But first, as the smart step, find your e-commerce mentor who will show you a way how to develop an asset and achieve financial freedom with dropshipping.

Would you like to build your e-commerce machine just with your laptop?

I believe that the right time with the right e-commerce direction has never been better than now! And if you catch this opportunity, you may write your success dropshipping story of financial freedom practically fast.

Dropshipping is the easiest way to start an online business

#3. Property Investment

We reach the greatest part of three ways to build your financial independence.

My opinion is, if you really want to achieve as quickly as possible financial freedom, the greatest part is becoming an investor in properties.

As I mentioned before, by reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I've become more interested in real estate. While wondering many years how to manage it, I took action and went to explore more details about this widespread industry.

However, you may doubt now, how to step into it if you don't have any saved money. I thought the same way until I attended a 3-day training Rich Dad Education in Hong Kong.

So before you consider discovering property industry, let me briefly share at least something I learned until now.

Real Estate Investment in Perspective

If you think the way, you save cash and then buy an apartment, I have to paralyse you immediately. That's the worst strategy that you can undertake.

Let's say again, you work six days in a week for someone else from sunrise to sunset and you invest your hard earned money into property. But the question is, how much money are you able to save? The harsh truth is, in your life, you can buy just one or two properties from your savings. That's insane!

I was pondering over it, again and again, same like you. Therefore, I was searching the way, how investors manage and use the money. And I've found the essential proof.

  • The rich people DO NOT use their own money and DO NOT use own name;
  • They focus on benefits and opportunities;
  • They choose to get paid based on the result.

When exploring above-mentioned facts, I was hungry to know more.

Do you still wonder, how's possible?

All right, let me tell you a little bit more.

Where to Get Money

The most common question is, where to get money, isn't it?

While having some savings, borrowing from your family and friends, learning a wise strategy is a MUST. Even if you have cash, don't use it! You need to understand how to manage Other People's Money (OPM) because the more you can use other people’s money, the higher your return will be.

Are you surprised?

Along with mortgage that is usually in the UK from 60 to 75% of a property market value, there are several types of loans, informal investors, private investors, affluent individuals who provide capital for a business startup. For instance Equity release, Bridge loanCreative financingJoint venture (JV)Angel investor, etc.

As you go through, the essential part is to consider, where to invest and where to buy. Bear in mind, it must be somewhere, where is a stable political situation, economic environment, consistent rising population, etc.

Always remember that a professional property investor follows inevitably these three steps:

  • setting a Strategy
  • finding an Area
  • buying a Property

Compared to that, an amateur does the opposite.

I know what you think now, it's overwhelming, isn't it? So how to heck learn all these things?

The key to succeeding faster is to find your mentor. Obviously, you can handle everything alone, but it takes a long time with unpredictable mistakes and obstacles. Rich Dad Education offers such an astonishing mentorship called Elite Training. They'll help you step by step to close your first deal and train you to become a professional property investor.

How does it sound?

Are you willing to be an investor in properties and start building financial freedom?

Remember, you don't need to know and handle everything, that's impossible, you just need to find someone who'll show you the right direction.

Secure your financial future by thinking like a Property Investor

Are You Ready to Build Your Financial Freedom?

If I had to summarize into one sentence three above-described ways of building your assets, I'd say.

"Finding the right mentor is everything"

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My intention was to pick up just three ways or directions to build your financial freedom while having a full-time job. And I believe, that's feasible because building multiple online businesses is a must in the information age. Even investing in properties can be done online and that's awesome!

It's taken me several years to try and mostly fail in other online businesses. However, blogging, e-commerce dropshipping and real estate investing are three legitimate as well as powerful directions that will guarantee financial freedom if they're done thoroughly.

You might ask, what's a right strategy to manage everything?

Here is my advice. Stick with just one plan for a certain period of time. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious or you observe a temptation to give up, always ask your mentor and try to solve as many obstacles as you can. After all, when you feel constantly uncomfortable, move to another one.

But regularly bear in mind, together with learning, you have to take action. Don't stop and most importantly evaluate how you act. Because you need to have perseverance, enthusiasm, strong will, goals, willingness to change yourself as well as step out of your comfort zone.

And the best part is, you build an asset that is vital for your life.

What will YOU do differently right now to build your financial freedom?

Let me know in the comment below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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