15 Forgotten Facts That Change Your Life Forever When You Live Abroad

15 Forgotten Facts That Change Your Life Forever When You Live Abroad

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Work and live abroad...

It’s tempting, isn’t it?

Let’s imagine…

You’re ready to set off for an unknown world and change your life.

Your determination is so strong because you want to work and live abroad. No matter what will happen, you go for it.

You have prepared on a bed a pile of several things, such as clothes, cosmetics, books and two pairs of shoes. It’s your whole life, which must be stuffed into one luggage.

Even though you don’t have yet a clear idea where to exactly go, you’re sure in one thing. This is the best decision that you can do in your life right now.

Have you been there? I have…

And here is the point.

I’ve been living abroad more than five years, so before you take any action, I need to tell you something.

When you decide to live abroad, you grow and become finding the right principle of your life. 

You start surprising yourself, revealing facts that have been recently forgotten and unseen for you.

Because you discover an unusual world, your opinions are miscellaneous than before.

Along with discovering, you unlearn habits that pulled you down and suddenly, you’re independent.

I assure you, it happens.

Following 15 forgotten facts change your life forever when you live or want to live abroad.

And some of them might blow your mind, so be ready…

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An Open Letter to Those Who Are Dreaming About Teaching Abroad

Dreaming About Teaching Abroad

So you’re dreaming about living and teaching abroad, huh?

Let me guess.

You’ve done tons of research, read dozens of blogs and visited websites that offer TEFL courses.

Every spare time, you’re sitting and imagining some fascinating countries.

Your excitement to live and teach abroad is on the highest level. You’re planning, checking comments of other people and asking for permission to the Facebook groups. At the same time, you’re reading about the lifestyle in your dream country and comparing the prices of air tickets.

Sometimes, you’re wondering whether that day will come or not and you’re not sure if it pays off.

But something’s whispering that you need to do it. At least try it.

Am I close?

Suddenly, you’re finding this post.

Some unknown dude Patrick is sneaking into your mind and saying you…

Hang on my friend because it’s not as easy as it looks.

There are certain things that you have to know about teaching abroad. So before you purchase an air ticket and pack your luggage, you should read this post.

Because here is the genuine truth.

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The Persuasive Feeling That Every Blogger Faces at The Beginning

Persuasive Feeling

It's tempting.

You want to start writing and blogging seems to be the best choice.

You’ve got an idea with the conviction that you find a cornerstone in your life.

And then it’s coming, you’re sitting on the chair.

Next to your notebook is a hot cup of coffee or tea that smells over a room. You’re logging into your new blog.

Then, slowly hovering a mouse to the category posts. You’re hitting the left button and deeply inhaling and exhaling excitement.

Sigh, such a great moment, even if the number of posts is zero. You’re opening the blank page, looking at it and pondering how to get started.

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