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Are you asking yourself these questions?

“How can I take action?”

“How can I find the right direction?”

“How can I boost my personal and business life?”

“How can I discover my passion and build an online business?”

“How can I promote my interest, attract an audience and generate sales?”

I can almost hear your thinking…

Let me see if I can help you.

I've been trying many online & offline opportunities during my full-time job and later while traveling. The harsh truth is, none of them worked.

As time passed, I had to do something. Along with teaching languages as a side income, I've started consulting, educating and training clients about website and e-commerce platforms. As an "unknown" Consultant that time, I developed the essential steps and learned:

  • how to make a decision, find direction and take actions
  • a deeper understanding of blogging, writing and traffic strategies

And it pointed me to grow these skills:

  • to write with empathy and sneak into reader's mind
  • to write about the life journey that was enjoyable to read
  • to write and help people to find their direction, happiness, and success

When I became confident to produce some content, I was able to write and promote my first ebook and engage an audience.

Five Kick-Ass Actions Event

Testimonial 5 Kick-Ass Actions

It's inspiring, isn't it?

So, the question is...

Which Direction Can I Help You?

There are two directions in which I offer a consultation.

Consultation #1: Blogging Direction

If you re looking for help with some above-mentioned questions, I can help you. We will find together your right direction and figure out, what works and not.

I will teach you these steps:

  • check
    finding the right direction in your personal or business life;
  • check
    the best platform for writing without any installation, settings or technical knowledge;
  • check
    establishing your personal blog as soon as you find your audience;
  • check
    organizing your work and producing regular content;
  • check
    promoting your business with five traffic strategies - you will pick just one and stick at least 3 months with it;
  • check
    turning visitors into subscribers;
  • check
    nurturing subscribers and develop relationships;
  • check
    turning subscribers into customers that will buy your services and products.

How does it sound?

Are you determined to find your direction and build a side business based on blogging?

And the best part is…

I'm here as your teacher and best friend to help you to discover what works...

But wait, there’s more…

Consultation #2: E-commerce Dropshipping Direction

Isn't blogging for you? Don't worry, let me help you again because you shouldn't miss this part…

Do you like buying products online? Let's transform this situation towards your advantage. What if I told you, you could sell products online without having them on a stock, would you be interested in this business model?

It's called dropshipping. Look at the picture and you should understand quickly.

Dropshipping Business Process

And this is exactly, how I can teach you to set up an e-commerce business model with your passion or interest.

I'll guide you through overall process of:

  • check
    determining your interest or passion in products or services that you might start to sell;
  • check
    building e-commerce store and with overall settings;
  • check
    sourcing best suppliers and products on AliExpress, alternatively services from other reliable;
  • check
    importing products with right strategy of description;
  • check
    settings automation of orders and logistic;
  • check
    identifying SEO and online marketing strategies.

What to know more?

I don't use any unfamiliar and complicated vocabulary, technical wordness or phrases. I help individuals to find their direction and take action with a simple strategy. While discussing and brainstorming, we'll recognize your passion, interest with enthusiasm that can be transformed into a profitable business.

Do This Right Now


Choose in which direction you would like me to help you. Try to be specific and describe your idea because this way I can understand your situation before we talk and get right to it.

Here’s What Will Happen after Consultation


Once you’ve filled out the request,  I'll personally call you to find out more about your ideas business and gather more information so we can carefully plan out how to grow your side business. If I am not currently available or out of the country, don't worry, I will send you either an email or a message on WhatsApp.

And at that point, if you see the value in working together, we arrange a meeting, is it fair?

Ultimately this is for people who take action and know a good chance to get help.

If that’s you, today is the day you step up and start thinking about personal and business development.

Are you ready?

Take action and be a Doer!