English 4 Skills Course: Practical Lessons with Various Students

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English 4 Skills

Have you ever heard about English 4 skills?

I guess you have.

You might not know about it, but you encounter these skills every day.

It’s true that in your life, you need to develop skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Do you remember those days when you went to school and learned those skills?

You may also have attended some courses outside of regular school.

As the part of your learning, there had to be someone who conveyed information and taught you those knowledge right?

Once you become a TEFL teacher, you’ll likely teach students English 4 skills as well.

How would you feel about it? Would you be ready to teach them?

Just like teaching any other courses, you should combine free fun with the development of pupil’s skills.

Does it sound interesting?

If you want to travel and discover the world, then teaching English abroad is the best fundamental step.

As a TEFL teacher, you’ll be passing on your skills to students of different age as well as culture. It depends on what country are you interested in starting.

In different countries are various courses and methods. And it depends on what schools or learning centres you work with.

In this post, I want to show you practical lessons with various students during the English 4 skills enhancement course.


Let’s discover it…


Imagine this.

You teach three various classes but the same course the English 4 skills.

The course is every Saturday afternoon. You teach three classes with the various pupils’ age.

The aim of each lesson is to develop English 4 skills such as speaking, reading, listening and writing through several activities.

I want you to think about it because when you decide to teach English, you’ll face related situations as well.

I've been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2015 various courses and below you’ll find basic breakdowns of the English 4 skills enhancement course.

Let’s explore it…

English 4 Skills Enhancement Course

The course is split into three different classes as well as oriented on the age of pupils with various activities. 

Class P3 - P4

The marking P3 and P4 (primary school) stands for the age of pupils. In this case 8-9 years old.

Through eight lessons, we learned many enjoyable activities.

Activities during eight lessons.

  • Deputy, sheriff and bank robbers in America
  • The creature in the closet
  • If I were a superhero
  • Transportation
  • Haiku poem
  • Imagination
  • Picture story

The crucial point with this class was emphasising at the beginning of each lesson the set of English rules 🙂

Classroom rules

Class P5 - P6

The age of pupils is 10-11.

Because of their age, the behaviour, attitude to learning as well as their opinions are completely on the higher level.

Sometimes the conversation is really very interesting with them.

Activities during eight lessons.

  • The reason to admire someone
  • Listening (what is in the picture, filling of blank fields, drawing)
  • The appreciation
  • Listening (what is in the picture, filling of blank fields, drawing)
  • Reading – previewing & planning
  • Listening (what is in the picture, filling of blank fields, drawing)
  • Listening (what is in the picture, filling of blank fields, drawing)
  • Reading & writing (Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg)

The best part of these students is that they’re willing and determined to complete the tasks as soon as possible. As the result, they love “coolers”. That means some games that are related to the activity. Cooler is a game which ends the lesson. 


Class P1 - P2

The youngest class with the age 6-7.

The plain truth is, teaching this age is tougher.

Anyway, we’ve gone through the entire course and successfully completed it.

Activities during eight lessons.

  • It’s all about you and me
  • The creature in the closet
  • Games: This is for you, Memory game, Open shut them, Hot seat
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Lovely pets
  • Listening (what is in the picture, filling of blank fields, drawing)
  • Musical picnic
  • Playground

Throughout this course, we had a rule. Those who have spoken Chinese and not English, they had to sing some English song at the end of a lesson. It worked very well 🙂


English song winner


Over to You…

As you can see, teaching English 4 skills can be enjoyable with various students through many activities.

Once you decide to become a TEFL teacher and try teaching abroad, you’ll likely face similar approaches.

You'll also find yourself together with ​personal development.

With that said:

Would you like to experience it in Hong Kong?

Or other Asian countries?

Are you ready to pass on your knowledge to young learners?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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