4 English Activities That Will Show You Genuine Teaching in Hong Kong

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4 English Activities in Hong Kong

Tell me the truth.

You may want to live and teach English abroad, but you don’t know where to start.

You read everyday about the experiences of people who live and teach abroad, but you’re not determined to take action.

And you wish to begin the same life like them.

But you’re scared.

It's not because you’re afraid to leave your comfort zone, but you wonder if you’re able to teach students various English activities and courses.

But I’m here to tell you, that’s bullshit!

And as a friend, I want to get you out of all those negative thoughts.

I’ve been there and I know what you feel. I also thought, I would have never been able to teach abroad.

The point is, you don't have to be terrified or in doubt, because like a TEFL teacher you’ll have so much fun with teaching.

When your heart feels that you should live and teach abroad, do it!

So throw your scepticism away from yourself.

Because you’re here to explore your awesome future in a fascinating country that you always dream about.

That's why I want to inspire you and show you genuine teaching in Hong Kong.



In fact, these four English activities are unforgettable moments that have been shaping my personality along with self-development.

So let’s explore them at schools in Hong Kong.

1) English Activities Fun Days

I guarantee you’ll love English fun days as much as me.

Let’s imagine.

If you start teaching English with Synergy Education Company in Hong Kong, you’ll encounter these English activities too.

I taught those English fun days at HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School 香海正覺蓮社佛教正覺中學

The genuine truth is you connect fun games along with teaching English.

As a result, students will gain valuable and entertaining learning in English. A form of entertainment means different variations of English games such as:

  • Fighting for Fish
  • Syllable Showdown
  • Hit For Six
  • Put It Back!
  • Describe and Drop
  • Shredded Syllables

So what do you say now?

Look at the pictures, that’s so wonderful 😉

English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day Hong Kong
English Fun Day

2) Interview Skills Course

I taught English activities through five lessons at Tak Sun School 德信學校

You might wonder, what is special at it.

The interestingness is that Bruce Lee attended this school. And who doesn’t know him? I’m sure you’re nodding your head right now.

And here is the fact on the internet. 武打巨星李小龍 (Bruce Lee)是德信學校的舊生,他於1949年與他的堂兄李發枝和長兄李宗琛一起從聖瑪利學校轉至這裡就讀。

Google it, translate it!

During five days we’ve covered English activities with lessons:

  • Self-Introduction & School
  • Interview Manners & Books
  • Hobbies & Picture Description
  • Opinions About the News & Group Discussion
  • Summary Interview Skills

What do you think? Teaching English at school which Bruce Lee visited. Consider it.

Interview Skills Class Hong Kong

3) Cambridge English Flyer

You may have heard about Cambridge Starter, Mover and Flyer. These are a series of fun and engaging activity together with English language tests.

I taught two months Cambridge Flyer at Chinese Y.M.C.A. Primary School 中華基督教青年會小學

It’s truth that students at this school were always with discipline and willingness to learn. At the end of the course, students got the Cambridge certificate of completion.

As a TEFL teacher, you’ll probably encounter Cambridge English courses too. But don't be worry about it because as part of initial practising, you’ll be learning first from others teachers.

Look at my class 🙂

Cambridge English Flyers Class Hong Kong

Happy teaching

4) English Day Camp – Hong Kong International Airport

You may have read through this blog the article What It Means to Visit Hong Kong International Airport as a TEFL Teacher.

If you’ve read it or not, English Day Camp meant another visiting Hong Kong international airport with pupils. But at this moment with Rosaryhill School (Primary Section) 玫瑰崗學校

The schedule occurred almost the same.

The list of activities.

  • I am a Young Traveller
  • What’s at The Airport?
  • Interviewing Tourists
  • I'm The Airport Master

The description of this course is short here, I recommend knowing more details in the post above.

You'll find it entertaining and it’ll give you another point of view that some English activities are really fascinating to teach.

So read it here!

English Day Camp – Hong Kong International Airport
English Day Camp – Hong Kong International Airport

Now Is Your Turn to Take Action

If you’re reading this, you should have had a fair picture of teaching English in Hong Kong.

When you've gone through four above mentioned English activities, you could have found and imagined yourself in the same role.

It's also crucial to mention that teaching English abroad is not super easy and without work.

As a TEFL teacher, you’ll get a lot of responsibilities.

The best part? You’ll growth your personality and push yourself to the next level.

That's why teaching various courses is beneficial for self-development, respect, reputation along with building self-confidence.

Teaching might not be for many years. I suggest giving it a try and spend awesome and unforgettable time in any fascinating country or city you wish for.

And it’s such a wonderful to get to know a different culture.

So what do you want to do now?

Would you be determined to teach those four English activities or similar ones?

What is in your mind? What stuck you from teaching and travelling the world?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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