How to Conduct The English Ambassador Course Like a TEFL Teacher

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English Ambassador

Would you like to be English ambassador?

You may wonder, what’s that?

Or maybe you know something about it.

But if you think, you should become a diplomat or an official envoy, throw this assumption immediately away.

As a TEFL teacher, you get unusual privileges in this position.

You’ll have to conduct a class of students at secondary school and teach them, how to design own English game for English fun day.

In other words, you’ll become their English ambassador.

Does it sound appealing?

Let me tell you the genuine truth which I’ve been experiencing while teaching English in Hong Kong.

When you start teaching abroad, you’ll come across various courses.

And that has a huge advantage and impact on your personal growth. Because you’ll develop your abilities as well as thinking of using these skills for another life changing step.

Teaching English abroad is the best starting point to travel the world and finding yourself.

The English ambassador course is a great example of your personal development.

You could doubt about it, so let’s go through the course and discover the plain truth.

But I need to tempt you.

In the end, you might be inspired to take action quickly in order to become a TEFL teacher and travel the world.

Does it sound great?​

Get brew a cup of coffee or tea and start reading.


Before you discover English ambassador course, I’d like to say you something.

I taught this subject at secondary school from March to April 2016 in Hong Kong. Students were quite confused at the beginning as they had no idea what is the English ambassador course about.

You’ll likely face similar situations. And what is crucial they might struggle with your accent as well as with understanding your teaching style.

Anyway, all those obstacles are just temporary and sooner or later you’ll interact with students thoroughly.

So, let’s break down the English ambassador course.

The English Ambassador

The course was well-arranged into eight lessons.

Students were pretty unclear at the beginning, but after overcoming those barriers, everything was understandable.

Eight lessons of the course included.

1) Being an English Ambassador

The aim of the first lesson:

  • What it means being the English ambassador

That means its role, responsibility, obligation and behaviour. Further, how should motivate the English ambassador audience and its characteristics to be a leader.

Part of the lesson was also various training such as talking in front of the class. As the result was building students’ self-confidence.

2) Interview Skills

The aim of the second lesson:

  • What is an interview and how to conduct it

In brief, we had a couple of interview examples that were practised in a pair.

Those examples stand for conversation between interviewer and interviewee. The purpose of each interview is asking open questions in order to reveal as much information as possible.

Once we covered theory, students addressed to me six questions. Some questions were so funny because they didn't have anything common along with the course.

3) How to Properly Manage and Lead The Game

The aim of the third lesson:

  • Appropriate presentation of games

During the third lesson, we played some examples of English games. Along with playing, it was meaningful preparation for they own presentation by the end of course.

Likewise, the lesson included theory:

  • how to motivate and inspire others
  • what words to use in order to encourage people
  • what it means gratitude

4) Design Theme-based English Games

The aim of the fourth lesson:

  • Brainstorming own English game and designing a draft

From the fourth lesson, students discovered English ambassador course more appealing as well as me.

Nevertheless, in the first half an hour we confirmed that we understand everything. And the rest of the lesson we started brainstorming.

We split into three groups. Each group had to think about a draft of the English game for a fun day.

In the end of the lesson, I collected their ideas in order to prepare relevant materials for their games.

5) Promoting Your Own Game

The aim of the fifth lesson:

  • Designing an own game with appropriate materials

I've showed them a few examples of real English games from English fun days with me. I’ve been participating in several English fun days, so I had many examples to point.

Then they created the layout of their game on a sheet of paper.

6) How to Be a Great MC – Master of Ceremony

The aim of the sixth lesson:

  • How to become a great master of ceremonies

During the sixth lesson, we learned what is its role, personality and characteristic. Further what everything must have a great master of ceremonies prepared during its speech.

We also examined whether students know some famous personalities who are master of ceremonies.

It’s truth that to become the master of ceremonies isn’t a simple role.

7) Creation and Designing of English Games

The aim of the seventh lesson:

  • Final development and decoration of English games

Throughout the penultimate lesson, students built a real size of their games.

As you can see pictures below, we had three groups with three games.

The first group made up a very entertaining game called the Amazing Puzzle.

The second group came up with the idea and name Lucky Draw.

And the third group created an attractive name the Delicious Alphabet.

As the result, each game had its own rules with the reward.

English Ambassador - Designing games
English Ambassador - Designing games1
English Ambassador - Designing games3
English Ambassador - Designing games

8) Presentation of the English Game

The aim of the eighth lesson:

  • Playing, presenting and conducting the games

In the last lesson, we set out all games in the classroom and everyone tried playing.

English Ambassador - Amazing Puzzle Game

The Amazing Puzzle Game

English Ambassador - Lucky Draw Game

The Lucky Draw Game

English Ambassador - Delicious Alphabet Game

The Delicious Alphabet Game

English Ambassador - overall class

English Ambassador class

Now It's Your Turn to Become English Ambassador

In conclusion, I want to lift up this.

Once you go through the similar course, you’ll benefit in many things such as:

  • Collecting tons of experiences
  • Understanding students at secondary school
  • Leading and conducting groups
  • Being a team player
  • Reaching goals
  • Getting to know the local culture

And here is the best thing.

You’ll build your self-confidence as well as reputation.

How does it sound?

I wish to see you to escape comfort zone and hit the road to find yourself along with happiness and success.

Because with teaching English abroad it’s achievable.

Now, you should have a clear picture in your mind whether you’d be capable of conducting the course.

Will you give it chance?

Are you confident enough?

Would you find it enjoyable?

Then don’t hesitate.

Get your TEFL certificate FAST and embrace your awesome future.

Let’s spin comments below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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