What It Means to Visit Hong Kong International Airport as a TEFL Teacher

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TEFL teacher and Hong Kong International Airport

Sorry? Hong Kong International Airport and a TEFL teacher?

While reading the headline, you may be wondering, how these two things fit together.

If you've ever traveled to Asia, then you may know Hong Kong International Airport because it’s one of the best airports in the world.

Don’t make me wrong but you – just like me have been searching some basic information about this astonishing busiest Asian airport.

And as a TEFL teacher, we’ve visited and explored the airport with children.

Wow! Are you surprised?

Well, here is the point.


Teaching isn’t just spending most of the time at school or learning center but sometimes it’s a refreshing adventure.

When you decide to teach English abroad, your work might be diverse as you think. To become TEFL teacher consist in gaining invaluable experiences that will influence you for the rest of life. Even if you’ll be teaching just a few years abroad or less.

I want to entice you to read this post because you'll discover how it looks like at the airport in Hong Kong. And what activities we had prepared for children.

Duty of TEFL Teacher

Not only having fun but like a TEFL teacher, you have to be responsible for the safety of your kids. I held eleven pupils and all of them were conscientious. I haven’t encountered any issues, but I had to emphasise the rules at the beginning of excursion.

My group of pupils

My group of pupils1

Crucial Airport Rules

The rules are important and children must follow them. Before we got started activities, it had been necessary to discuss and set the rules.

Stay together, don’t run away

Listen to your teacher

Put your hand up, don’t shout

Walk, don’t run

Be friendly

Be polite

Airport Rules

Fascinating Four Airport Activities

In order to captivate children, we had four activities. Each of them lasted around 15 up to 30 min.

The First Activity – I Am a Master at the Airport

We had two maps with outlined places. The activity meant to find these places, jot down the names and what is possible to buy there. I have to admit it wasn’t an easy task at such a big airport.

First, we went to Terminal two and then Terminal one. When we finally arrived at the place, children made notes in their maps of the store, name and what to buy there.

The first activity was successfully done, and we were already tired 😀

I am the airport-master

The Second Activity – What Is at the Airport?

Next task was easy, walking 15 min around Terminal two. We counted how many flight attendants, pilots, restaurants, exchange offices are there. When the activity finished, we compared numbers and wrote them down in the handbook.

What's in the airport

The Third Activity – I Am a Young Traveler

It’s true the third activity was our favourite one.

We moved to the large LCD screen FIDS – Flight Information Display System which displays all flights. I held an example of flight with a country, city, time and a flight number. The children had to observe a number of the gate with the right aisle that is required for check-in baggage.

This activity was undoubtedly the most exciting for all.

I am a young traveller
Flight Information Display System

The Fourth Activity – at the Restaurant

Finally, the last activity was ordering food at McDonald’s. The students had to order one by one in English food and drink. Pretty funny.

Ordering in English
Ordering in English in McDonald
Ordering in English in McDonald1

You may have noticed, we spent several hours at the airport.

As mentioned before, the advantage of TEFL teacher isn’t only spending time at school or learning center but it can be very entertaining.

Of course, everything depends on what educational company or school you work with. And not only that but also in what country you’d like to teach.

Let me quickly mention some facts about Hong Kong international airport.

Interesting Facts about the Airport in Hong Kong

  • The airport opened July 1998
  • During the one hour = 64 flights
  • The number of employees 65.000
  • The number of passengers during one year 56,500,000

English Excursion Airport inside

English Airport Terminal 1 Excursion


I’d like to state that this day was for children special as well as for me.

I firmly believe children have acquired valuable experience. After all, it was definitely an enjoyable adventure for all of us.

Sometimes the life of TEFL English teachers in countries where English is a second language is cheerful like described in this post.

And what about you? Would you like to experience same adventure?

If yes, I suggest escaping comfort zone as soon as possible and explore something unforgettable.

The life is too short of considering what we could do or not later.

To perceive happiness, dreaming isn't enough. You must try over and over again until you find it.

Don't let die an idea inside you.

Let me know or ask me anything in a comment below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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