15 Forgotten Facts That Change Your Life Forever When You Live Abroad

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15 Forgotten Facts That Change Your Life Forever When You Live Abroad

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Work and live abroad...

It’s tempting, isn’t it?

Let’s imagine…

You’re ready to set off for an unknown world and change your life.

Your determination is so strong because you want to work and live abroad. No matter what will happen, you go for it.

You have prepared on a bed a pile of several things, such as clothes, cosmetics, books and two pairs of shoes. It’s your whole life, which must be stuffed into one luggage.

Even though you don’t have yet a clear idea where to exactly go, you’re sure in one thing. This is the best decision that you can do in your life right now.

Have you been there? I have…

And here is the point.

I’ve been living abroad more than five years, so before you take any action, I need to tell you something.

When you decide to live abroad, you grow and become finding the right principle of your life. 

You start surprising yourself, revealing facts that have been recently forgotten and unseen for you.

Because you discover an unusual world, your opinions are miscellaneous than before.

Along with discovering, you unlearn habits that pulled you down and suddenly, you’re independent.

I assure you, it happens.

Following 15 forgotten facts change your life forever when you live or want to live abroad.

And some of them might blow your mind, so be ready…


#1. Your Life in One Luggage

#1. Your Life in One Luggage

You appreciate every piece of t-shirt, sock or underwear literally packed in one luggage.

Building a relationship with these things would have never been done if you had stayed at home. So you cling on every string or thread that fit into a luggage because of limited space.

You perceive that “home” is where the heart is feeling well and where memories show up every day.

And you already know you’re capable of packing your life into one luggage and move again somewhere else…

#2. You Are Independent

#2. You Are Independent

When you live abroad, and start from scratch, you swiftly understand how to overcome obstacles or problems.

The word problem becomes a challenge and you find that everything is possible.

You begin acquiring attitudes that affect you forever. Also, you forsake behind yourself a heavy burden which has pulled you down.

And finally, you are independent...

#3. You Dwell Forever in New Challenges

#3. You Dwell Forever in New Challenges

While having some confusion in your head, you discover something incredible. You dive into the world of challenges.

First, you feel like a new challenge terrifies you but later you reveal it becomes addictive. The stereotype along with boredom completely disappear and are replaced in your dictionary by other fascinating words.

You always feel you must experience new challenges, meet new people, learn a new language or culture because adrenaline flows daily in your blood.

Obviously, this way you grow…

#4. You Spot the Courage Is Underestimated

#4. You Spot the Courage Is Underestimated

Before you leave, many friends, relatives, and close family members say, how brave you are. And simultaneously, they try to convince you about your plan.

You don’t want to listen to them because you follow your persuasive feelings in the heart.

They tell you, how wishfully they’ve also wanted to live abroad, but they’ve given up. And as the result, you should think about it twice because you’re one of them.

But you don’t want to hear their failures.

After that, you reveal all their feedbacks fit together because they lack the courage. So you spot straightaway that courage consists on the decision, overcoming fear, and commitment for future.

You recognize many talkative people nearby you who never take any actions.

And unfortunately, you find out that courage is underestimated by a majority of humankind…

#5. You Become a Master of Emotions

#5. You Become a Master of Emotions

During living abroad, you forget. But at the same time, you learn emotions that you’ve overlooked.

At the beginning life abroad lashes you, it’s ruthless and tough. Sometimes you’re on the edge of tears, but you swallow bitterness and remember why you began.

Then, you stand up, talk to yourself and remind why you’re here. You don’t give up, no matter what happens. Your emotions flow up and down. It’s like a never-ending emotional roller coaster.

While time flies fast, you naturally get used to all the emotions that accompany you every day.

And you become a master of emotions because you have no choice…

#6. You Learn the Power of Patience

#6. You Learn the Power of Patience

You’re constantly influenced by the place where you came from.

Because you don’t understand the mentality of local people and you hold the feeling that no one is with you. You don’t know why finding new friends is complicated. You try to observe what mistakes you make and slowly you become desperate.

But then something turns all those negative thoughts to positive ones. You become more proactive and stop pondering over about how things go wrong. Instead of that, you rather take action and things surprisingly move forward.

While you need to find the right direction, a correct number of train, bus or ship, you learn the power of patience. You find out the manner of how to ask for assistance from local people plus how to communicate in every situation. And this allows you to build self-confidence.

As time shapes all those essences, you learn the power of patience…

#7. You Say the “Goodbye” Conscientiously

#7. You Say the -Goodbye- Conscientiously

Saying “Goodbye” isn’t for you just an empty word. Presently you uncover, how to treat it because you realize the meaning and value of this word.

Many friends and families become past, but you start building new relationships that you’ve lacked in your life.

You already know if you say “Goodbye” to someone, it’d be for long. Thus you must accept this pain which becomes routine.

After all, you want to live abroad, therefore saying “Goodbye”, you learn conscientiously…

#8. You Live a Double Life

#8. You Live a Double Life

As soon as you live abroad, you have two stories.

The first one, where you grew up, and the second one, where you’re now. You think in two directions because you hold a split personality.

Additionally, you have two phones, two sim cards, two kinds of chargers, two or more currencies that are constantly blended. Two bank accounts, two homes, and two addresses.

The truth is, you live a double life

#9. You Find Yourself

#9. You Find Yourself

Slowly you discover that culture influences you in a foreign country.

Over time, you find some connection, bond, essence. What you were taught in school, it was unnecessary because life abroad is the real school of life.

You uncover and accept essential habits as you must adapt them to your life. The flame is burning inside you and you understand more yourself.

Surely, it wouldn’t have been possible in your native country because life-changing habits are born only abroad.

And you find yourself a long way off from your home…

#10. You Think and Speak in Two Languages

#10. You Think and Speak in Two Languages

During the time you discover on yourself that you use multiple languages in one sentence.

Friends and family ask you, how life is going, but it’s hard to find the right words. When you start talking about your work, experiences, stories, and memories, you have bitterness on your tongue because you reveal, nobody cares. If you try to say some story, it takes a lot of time to prepare it in your mind because the first words show up automatically in a foreign language. And then, you have to think twice.

As soon as your life affects two or more languages, you learn and simultaneously forget.

Even though it sounds like a cliche, you must focus a lot on words in your native language.

And here is the genuine truth.

You’ll never put a sentence together as before because you think and speak in two languages

#11. Your Life Runs Rapidly

#11. Your Life Runs Rapidly

On the one hand, you get some news from home where everything runs as usual, such as holidays, birthdays, days, weeks... You appreciate every piece of information from family. It may be natural for them, but not for you.

On the second hand, you have no idea what is a boredom, stereotype or doing nothing. Because you always undertake an activity which enables unforgettable experience.

Your life runs rapidly and every moment brings something memorable…

#12. You Face Nostalgia

#12. You Face Nostalgia

Walking through a shopping mall, in a street, on the beach, working at the office or sitting in a café. Suddenly, you smell something, taste food, notice some picture, thing or listen to a well-known song.

And all those details arouse in your memory a nostalgia.

In that moment, you’d give anything to be in a place which reminds you that situation. And you’d wish to be for a while next to a person, sibling or family who always understands you. In your mind is a desire which soon fades and you’re back.

But now you learn that you must face nostalgia because it shows up when you don’t expect it…

#13. Your Return Home Is Abandoned

#13. Your Return Home Is Abandoned

When you return, everything is wonderful, but unfortunately only for a short time.

After a short time spending at home, everything returns to normal, faster than you expect. You spot how everybody continues the same stereotype, from Monday to Sunday. You find a feeling that the world cannot stop because of you.

It surprises you, that practically nothing has changed.

On the one hand, you ask friends and family about some news, but no one can fulfill you with exciting information. On the other hand, you’re full of experiences and adventures.

Slowly you start forgetting about all foreign countries, cultures, people, and something inside you dies. But the heck you want to live abroad again, to be independent. So you ponder over again to hit the road because you don’t want to return to the same old track and life as before…

You realize that your return home is abandoned as a wreck on the shore…

#14. You Become a Tourist in Your Own Birthplace

#14. You Become a Tourist in Your Own Birthplace

You wander along a street where you grew up. Go to the river, on a hill, or a meadow which you’ve known so well.

But now you see everything differently, every corner, house, tree, playground are so rare and worthy of taking a picture.

Once upon a time, you would have never noticed something like that, and it seems as you see these things for the first time.

The plain truth is, you become a tourist in your own birthplace

#15. You Change Forever

#15. You Change Forever

Several friends, acquaintances, and family say “you have changed”.

The path you undertake surely shakes your family roots. You’re different, stronger, you look at the world from a larger perspective.

When you left, you didn’t think of a change. But life abroad helps you to find yourself, your right direction of life.

So yes, they’re right. You change forever

Now It’s Your Turn

Of course, this is just a handful of tens or even hundreds of facts.

But the plain truth is, they’re often overlooked and forgotten.

Now you tell me.

Is at least one experience mentioned above that you may have noticed when you live abroad?

I guess, it is.

Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

And remember, when you live abroad, you are not same anymore and you will never be.

Take action and be a Doer!

Get 15 Forgotten Facts as a downloadable PDF

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