Math and English: Why Horrific Subject Math May Be The Most Exciting

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Teach Math and English in Hong Kong

Math – you hate it or you love it!

Almost all of us knows this feeling very well.

Do you remember those years at school when you’ve been forced to pass an exam that really didn’t matter to you? Heck, I remember it very well.

It’s been already a few years back when I sat in the classroom and had to understand “unreal” world of numbers. Yes I’m talking about the subject – math.

When you’re reading this post, you may be in doubt, why I’m talking about something that is far away from Teaching English Abroad.

The opposite is true...


I want you to dive into the subject at school – math while teaching English abroad. But be ready because it’ll be a look from a different angle.

Math English Fun Day Program

Luckily in Hong Kong, I didn’t have to deal with any difficulties because we had an English Fun Day program. I got as an activity the subject math.

Imagine scenario you really hate math and you enjoy teaching English. Then, an entertaining day is coming and you should teach math.

On the one hand, you’re terrified and nervous. On the other hand, you find out how favourable it could be. Later you reveal it’s not about forcing students to learn something that you totally don’t understand either, but the point is – to have fun!

Would you like to experience it?

For this reason, I like a Fun Day at school when I don’t need to teach appropriate vocabulary, grammar, writing, etc.

In this particular day, we were several English teachers. Each of us got a different activity and I cite some of them.

  • Syllables
  • The TV show
  • The X-files
  • Symmetry and Transformation
  • Locate the Treasure
  • Puzzle Painting
  • Wire Sculpture Rumor
  • Who Are You?

As I mentioned at the beginning, I got a “horrific subject – math”. The precise name Measurement. It can look really awfully, but the opposite is true. It was a very simple activity with easy rules.

Measurement class Patrick

Measurement – Math

Actually, it was a competition between two teams that lasted approximately ten minutes. The number of students in the team was from three to five. They had to tackle two tasks.

The First Task

Specifically to guess how many balls could fit into the can.

I’ve shown a shape of an object – the ball (sphere). The students had the same object for investigation, but just half of its shape. As a result, it was necessary to measure the object and estimate how many spheres could fit into the can.

Measurement task

The Second Task

The second task was harder. I have to admit it reminded me a class of math at primary school.

I’ve had prepared two objects.

The first one was in a shape of a cuboid and another one in a shape of a cylinder.

I’m assured you know tissues in a paper box, so that box was a shape of a cuboid. The second shape of a cylinder worked well as a paper can from chips. You can see the picture above.

The students had to measure the volume and surface area of the object according to a mathematical formula.

The team closest to the result has won an extra price.

Math - English Fun Day at Primary School

The Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

I love English Fun Days at schools and I’m looking forward to the next ones again.

And you'll love it too.

Teaching English abroad is definitely fascinating and beneficial in terms of personal development.

Are you already convinced to become a TEFL teacher?

If yes, then read this.

TEFL Is The Ticket to Many Dream Countries

When you start considering teaching English abroad, it’s necessary to undertake just a few steps. As the key step is to acquire a TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) certificate. After that, you can just book an air ticket to any dream destination you like and start teaching English.

Such a simple formula 🙂

Local Culture

Next, you need to put yourself into the local culture, adapt customs as well as traditions. Once you learn it, you start reprogramming your subconsciousness as an another person. And then, you start seeing the world from a different angle.

I'd never say and write here anything that I haven't experienced.

Hot Blood

Finally, teaching in countries where English is a second language will give you a form of adrenaline with hot blood. It catapults you into an unknown world and gives you invaluable experiences.

However, you need to accept the fact that everything is unusual. The people, system, mentality, customs, manners, currency, culture, food, behaviour, fashion. But what is most important, you travel, chase your goals and then you see the world with striking self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Would you master it?

Let me answer instead of you. Yes, you would!

You just must possess perseverance, goal and courage to change yourself as well as stand out of the crowd.

And then, you’ll find it’s like a drug and you won’t want to stop.

Because inside your veins, hot blood will flow forever.

Your Turn…

In conclusion, I’d like to mention my partnership with the Hong Kong company Synergy Education. I’m grateful for our cooperation and I appreciate their support and everything they’ve done for me.

If you had some impulse or idea of teaching English in Hong Kong, I’d recommend contacting this company as the initial start of your TEFL journey.

You can nod your head at this moment that math along with teaching English might be exciting. Even if you were horrified at the beginning, now you know it’s fun!

For many people is teaching English abroad just a dream, but you should turn those dreams into reality. 

I believe it’d be beneficial to spin a bunch of questions in the comments below.

What do you think? Are you ready?

Take action and be a Doer!​

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