What It Means to Visit Hong Kong International Airport as a TEFL Teacher

TEFL teacher and Hong Kong International Airport

Sorry? Hong Kong International Airport and a TEFL teacher?

While reading the headline, you may be wondering, how these two things fit together.

If you've ever traveled to Asia, then you may know Hong Kong International Airport because it’s one of the best airports in the world.

Don’t make me wrong but you – just like me have been searching some basic information about this astonishing busiest Asian airport.

And as a TEFL teacher, we’ve visited and explored the airport with children.

Wow! Are you surprised?

Well, here is the point.

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How To Teach Young Pupils Transportation and Consonants in English

How to teach transportation and consonants

Imagine, you know you'll be teaching young pupils consonants as well as transportation in English.

You're ready to hit the road to a learning center. It's a hot day and the sun is literally boiling your head. But you're assured, it'll be enjoyable to spend a couple of hours with young kids.

You feel positively excited and determined to put all your effort into it.

Because you know one thing - you'll grow and develop your personality with every step you undertake as a TEFL teacher.

You're ready for it!

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Math and English: Why Horrific Subject Math May Be The Most Exciting

Teach Math and English in Hong Kong

Math – you hate it or you love it!

Almost all of us knows this feeling very well.

Do you remember those years at school when you’ve been forced to pass an exam that really didn’t matter to you? Heck, I remember it very well.

It’s been already a few years back when I sat in the classroom and had to understand “unreal” world of numbers. Yes I’m talking about the subject – math.

When you’re reading this post, you may be in doubt, why I’m talking about something that is far away from Teaching English Abroad.

The opposite is true...

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