The Persuasive Feeling That Every Blogger Faces at The Beginning

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Persuasive Feeling

It's tempting.

You want to start writing and blogging seems to be the best choice.

You’ve got an idea with the conviction that you find a cornerstone in your life.

And then it’s coming, you’re sitting on the chair.

Next to your notebook is a hot cup of coffee or tea that smells over a room. You’re logging into your new blog.

Then, slowly hovering a mouse to the category posts. You’re hitting the left button and deeply inhaling and exhaling excitement.

Sigh, such a great moment, even if the number of posts is zero. You’re opening the blank page, looking at it and pondering how to get started.


You’re sipping coffee or tea, thinking and typing first words. Even without any hints, you’re feeling so inspired. Yes, inside you is the persuasive feeling which everyone of us experiences while start writing.

Do you know the feeling, huh?

Well, and right now, I’m here.

Maybe you're at the same point like me. I’m so excited for it 🙂

Or you've been a few months or years ago in the same situation. You smile now, as you know it well.

Try to breathe and walk with me through the feeling that you may have encountered as well.

Let me write about persuasive feeling that I’m convinced, every blogger has at the beginning.

The same one like you and me.

Overcoming Doubts & Founding Yourself

As you may know, on the one hand, schools teach us not to make mistakes.

On the other hand, life is completely opposite.

That’s why I packed my life in 2012 into one luggage and left my country to Asia.

Without any plan.

It can seem crazy, but here is the point.

I wanted to overcome my doubts. I’ve had the persuasive feeling that somewhere abroad, I could discover something more.

I’ve wandered through Asia over two years and over time I’ve revealed the beauty of writing.

And here we are. You and me, we meet each other on this page, through this blog. ​

You may have stumbled across this post randomly because of the title or the picture. Or maybe, you could have been ​captivated by words that I convey to you at the beginning.

May I confess anything?

When you're reading this post, it's the same for me as I was writing it. With passion and enthusiasm. With the persuasive feeling that this is exactly what I commit to do - write

You likely feel the same feeling, you're thrilled and can't stop.

You want to know, what will be the next paragraph.

And this is exactly, why I've started writing. 

There Is Always a First Time for Everything

Neither blog with a room where to express my thoughts, nor laptop, just a tablet.

I had to overcome many obstacles while I’ve been living in Asia.

And you can guess, how inefficient is writing on a tablet. Despite I started to act.

Below is part of my initial action that has been written by hand in a notebook. I rewrite it here and you might feel the same excitement. After reading, you’ll be nodding your head because I’m saying the truth.

For me, it was the first persuasive feeling that convinced me to start writing abroad.

How and Why a Personal Blog Is Born

I run home from the city as soon as possible because I want to write my first post on this new blog. Inside my body is spreading some strong and persuasive feeling that after all those failures, this is the cornerstone of my life.

Through the sleepless last nights I am highly motivated and encouraged to empty my thoughts.

It's been a long time when I was thinking about starting a blog. I mean some "virtual book" where I could write for my audience what I learn about happiness, taking action, success and living abroad.

Repeatedly, I'm asked from my friends about ideas on how to improve this or that, what to recommend or how to help them to make the right decision for finding happiness.

The problem is I never write these ideas down. I ask myself, wouldn't it be useful to create a blog to help my friends? In addition, I could reach thousands of others on the internet with the same questions.

So I decide to change it. That's how and why my personal blog is born right now.

Do you get it?

Did you find yourself at the same position?

Nod your head if you agree. The important thing is You Want to Help Others!

I’ve learned one important life lesson. I strongly believe that listening to heart is more powerful than listening to mind. And you should do the same if you want to achieve at least something.

Heart Is Always More Powerful Than Mind

I’m sure you – just like me – have been thinking of the same question.

Should I listen to my heart or my mind?

I want you to go back to the first day when you've started thinking of blogging.

Was it because you were pissed off at work and wanted to quit a job? Or maybe you - just like me - have felt some persuasive feeling in your heart that you should start helping others? Well, this is what I don’t know about you but I can tell you I’ve passed both periods and here is the result.

Since I've been listening to my mind, I've practically always failed. It's because mind and heart can’t work together.

Let’s face it with a pure fact.

On the one hand is always some voice which whispers “do it” and on the other hand is a second inner voice “do not do it”

Do you agree, huh?

And now, you can guess which one is almost always a winner. Indeed, the second one which forces us to live a mediocre life.

Damn, but this was something that I didn’t want. That’s why I’ve learned how to listen to heart first.

If you master it, you’ll overcome all negative thoughts and doubts because heart never tells anything wrong.

When your heart says building the blog is the cornerstone of your life, do it! If heart feels this book is the right one you should read, purchase it!

Think about it twice...​

The persuasive feeling of your heart is much stronger than a thought in your mind.


A Statement & Commitment to Writing and Blogging

I’m really curious about this.

When you’ve started blogging, have you declared a statement & commitment to writing?

Well, the plain truth is the majority of you haven’t! Am I right?

Either yes or no, here is the thing. You should have written your own statement and commitment.

I’ll show you mine. I possess my own statement that I follow. Why? It keeps me on the track and let me do step by step my commitment.

Let me ask you the question. Do you want to treat writing and blogging as a serious business, don’t you?

If yes, you should declare your statement which let you fulfill your commitment.

Many people can’t handle it for their whole life. In the other words, they just do not want.

Personally, I have to have a statement as I commit being a great writer.

A Statement

I’ll be a memorable writer.

Boom, my self-confidence just pumps up high, yeah!

A Commitment

Once I reach this goal, it’s not the actual reward, the reward is not only to become a memorable writer, but the most important rewards are Who I Will Become As a Person on that way and How I Help Others.

You should think the same way. Everything is born in your head, and everything is possible to happen. You have to start looking the right way, even if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking!

So will you keep going or will you give up?

You Say, I Can’t. I Say, Watch Me!

Ask yourself.

Where are the boundaries of your life? ​

Who would you like to be? 

Would you imagine your life as a writer?

I'm determined to do it.

You can expect blog posts about finding the right decision in life, living abroad, happiness, success, writing and teaching.

And what do have all those things common? All are backed by TAKING ACTION.

Let’s see where the path will lead this blog, but as I said, I commit to the future and want to convey audience - you as much as I can in writing.

As this is totally first blog post, I would like to thanks to all my friends who support me and even those who don’t believe me that I can achieve something great in my life.


If you agree with the similar persuasive feeling which I face as the totally new blogger at the beginning, I’d love to hear from you. It’d help also others to spread your thoughts.

Have you had the same persuasive feeling like me?

In the other words, have you listened to your heart or mind?

What about a statement and commitment, have you declared them? Where are you now?

Leave a comment below and share your experience about your feeling with the first blog post that you’ve written.

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