An Open Letter to Those Who Are Dreaming About Teaching Abroad

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Dreaming About Teaching Abroad

So you’re dreaming about living and teaching abroad, huh?

Let me guess.

You’ve done tons of research, read dozens of blogs and visited websites that offer TEFL courses.

Every spare time, you’re sitting and imagining some fascinating countries.

Your excitement to live and teach abroad is on the highest level. You’re planning, checking comments of other people and asking for permission to the Facebook groups. At the same time, you’re reading about the lifestyle in your dream country and comparing the prices of air tickets.

Sometimes, you’re wondering whether that day will come or not and you’re not sure if it pays off.

But something’s whispering that you need to do it. At least try it.

Am I close?

Suddenly, you’re finding this post.

Some unknown dude Patrick is sneaking into your mind and saying you…

Hang on my friend because it’s not as easy as it looks.

There are certain things that you have to know about teaching abroad. So before you purchase an air ticket and pack your luggage, you should read this post.

Because here is the genuine truth.


Teaching Abroad

I’ve been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2015. You may wonder, it’s not a long time. Yes, you’re right. But within those two years I’ve learned a lot.

And I want to help you.

As your friend, I want to tell you two stories that can influence your decision. Every story will show you a different view of teaching abroad. By reading, you’ll eventually find yourself in a similar situation. And then the right choice will be only up to you.


The First Story of Teaching Abroad

Teaching Abroad

In the evening, you sit at home and browse the internet. You like your great paid job with a future career, but you wish to experience something more. You stumble across a blog which tells you about teaching abroad. Hm, you say, it sounds good because you consider exploring the world. You dig deeper and discover it’s not difficult as you think. In your mind is born a new idea of teaching English abroad.

You ponder over it daily.

At work, you talk about it with your colleagues but no one takes serious attention. Perhaps, they want the same, but they can’t find the courage to do it. Anyway, you don’t care because you don’t need these people in your life.

Even your close friends and relatives try to convince you that this isn’t the smart decision. But what decision? Right now, it’s just an illusion.​ Sadly you’re influenced by them and you put your dream aside.

After two weeks, you sit in the office and you’re thoughtful again. You go downstairs to light a cigarette and say for yourself.

“Heck, this isn’t the right way how I want to live my life, at least not for now. And no one can steal my dreams.”

So you throw a cigarette butt and decide to say to your boss “I want to quit my job”.

Your boss asks you a typical question, what’s the reason? Without any thought you say conscientiously – I want to experience travelling, living and teaching abroad. As a surprise for you, a boss has nothing against it because he knows how much valuable are these experiences abroad. Additionally, he wishes to do the same and you spend one hour talking about it.​

So you go home and dive yourself again in reading.​

First you find that as a TEFL teacher, you must possess a TEFL certificate. You nod your head because it’s not a big deal.

Before purchasing an online course, you download The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide that helps you quickly go through the whole process.

After a few days, you purchase an accredited TEFL course which is recommended at the end of The LoveTEFL Guide together with an irresistible bonus.​

The TEFL course informs that you’re capable of finishing it within a couple of weeks or even months. But you’re smiling because you know it’ll happen within a few days along with LoveTEFL Guide. And finally, you acquire the TEFL certificate smoothly and quickly.

As an additional clever action, you decide to teach abroad through an internship. So you choose your dream country in Asia and an agency takes care of everything else.​

You submit all required documents and luckily everything goes sleekly.​

Within a few weeks, you step into a class full of students. You start teaching and after some time you find out it’s full of excitement. As a TEFL teacher, you combine fun and teaching. You love it because you teach various courses. You interact with children, learn patience and at the same time, you develop self-improvement.​

And you realise this is exactly what you've always dreamed about for finding happiness.​

Over time, you have no reason to think about returning and working in the office again. You decide to devote your life to living and teaching abroad. Because it's hard to go back.​

One day you sit on the balcony and think, how easy it is to move to a foreign country just with a luggage. And how obvious it is to adapt when you’re well prepared.​

With a smile on your face, you sip a coffee and look forward to teaching your class tomorrow again.​

Because you Do What You Love.​

The Second Story of Teaching Abroad

Teaching Abroad

One day, your great friend comes over and you start talking about the life. As a result, you find mutual opinions. Well, such an awesome idea to travel the world. But the problem is, you don’t have sufficient money to experience it for a longer time.

While you think about it daily, your friend shows up again with an idea of buying an air ticket. The point is, take all money you have, fly to a foreign country and see what will happen.

But you're scared and not sure because it's a risky idea. You ponder over it all the time and it doesn't let you sleep.

You search options how to make money while travelling and living abroad. Meantime you discover many online "opportunities" that glorify how easy it is making money on the internet. Yet you don’t know about it but you'll be soon deceived by fake friends who you trust.

Anyway, you quit your great paid job and decide to take action. Parents, relatives and friends tell you that you should consider again your decision. But you don’t listen to them because you’re so excited and at the same time foolish. So you buy an air ticket to a country which is on the other side of the earth and where you have never been before.

Such a lifetime challenge!

You think it’ll be so obvious to adapt there and start making money on the internet.

While your mind is full of vanity, you overlook an essential truth.

After spending half a year abroad you discover that making money on the internet isn’t possible as fast as you’ve expected. You’re disappointed because you find out you were deceived. In addition, the budget is going rapidly down.

As a “smart” step, you choose to move to another country.

You land in a totally diverse culture just with your luggage. A few days you’re inspired by everything around, but you know that soon you need to act. The crucial reason is, the budget is almost zero.

Again, you dive into learning how to make fast money on the internet. So unwise! You waste a lot of time.

Suddenly, you stumble across a website that shows you job offers of teaching English. It sparks your eyes because it may be the right decision how to stay in a country you always dream about.

You borrow money from your family and you promise that everything you do has a real meaning.

By doing the research you find out what certification and documents you need. Sometimes you want to give up because you’ve never taught before. In spite of this you decide to purchase accredited TEFL certificate and give it a chance.

After a few weeks, you finish the course. Not only excitement but also emotion and fear shift your mood.

It takes a few days to find a company that could sponsor your working visa. When you submit all documents, you have to wait at least four weeks. After three weeks, the immigration officer asks you to submit an additional document or give a written explanation why you don’t have it.

Yes, it’s tough! And you want to give up...

But heck you know it'll never happen. Neither now nor later!

It takes two more weeks and you get a visa. You’re the happiest person in the world. The patience pays off.

Finally, you start teaching and you really enjoy it a while.

But then, something happens. Over time, you feel it's not the job you've always dreamed about.​

The reason is, teaching doesn’t fulfil you and this is essential. It seems you're back in the same “rat race” as before. Sure, the circumstances are different but you need to do what you love.

You start thinking of doing online business. A real online business.​

It seems the best option is to start learning how to blog. You know it’ll take a few years to build an audience, learn how to write, plus all those traffic tactics.

Along with teaching, you devote your entire spare time by acquiring and practicing skills of your interest because you know it’ll pay off. You learn from the well-known online marketers, writers and business owners. Finally, you feel fulfilled.​

As a result, you quit teaching because simultaneously you get an offer to work with a company in your field. Coincidence? Not really as your hard work pays off... You thrive, grow and you’re back on track because you do what you love in your dream country. 

However, you never forget about teaching abroad because it showed you the right direction for finding happiness and success.

One day you sit on the balcony and think, how hard it is to move to a foreign country just with a luggage.

Sure, you smile now but you know that you would have never wanted to experience it again.

And you're certain in one thing.

No matter what happens because always you should Believe in YOURSELF.

Now It’s Your Turn to Decide

Before you decide to teach abroad, I want you to think about it twice.

And when you’ve been reading through both stories, you may have recognised which story is closer to you.

Now tell me the truth.

Is it the first story which describes finding happiness and success through a certainty along with preparation?

Or the second story which leads you to find happiness and success through bumpy ways, storms, rains, uncertainties along with doubts?

Of course, it may not be exactly what you could face, but both stories are real, convincing and bring values to think about.

Unfortunately, I can’t guess which story is closer to you, as well as I can’t say which you should follow.

Because the right decision is only up to you.

But I wish to know, what thoughts keep you stuck if any.

Are you determined to teach abroad?

I would love to hear from YOU.

Take action and be a Doer!

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