3 Essential Steps to Start Teaching English in Hong Kong

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Teaching English Hong Kong

Admit it honestly.

You've been pondering over it.

You may have read an article, held a leaflet, seen an advertisement or heard talking your friends.

While you encounter an idea of teaching English abroad from many sources, it sneaks into your mind daily.

You sit at the computer and dig deeper to explore crucial requirements of teaching English abroad.

And then you stumble across this post.

The headline points to the charming city what you've always dreamed about.

You start reading and devouring every word. You're inspired.

In fact, you discover that it's not as complicated as it looked.

You believe this might be the right decision of your happiness.

That's why you want to take action.

You follow every step which leads you to a life of your dreams.

And the best part is, you know you need just undertake three essential steps to start teaching English in Hong Kong.


You may not be aware of it at this moment, but teaching English is one of the best fundamental steps to travel and live abroad.

Can I guess, why you're here?

You may want to change yourself and discover the world abroad. You aspire to find right decision and happiness in your life. Along with finding your nature you want to prove yourself and not others that you can live a life that you truly desire.

Occasionally, you can be exhausted by everyday life. You can't stand anymore to go to a job, sit in the office, work at an assembly line or whatever you do. You're too bored in meeting same people in your surroundings.

Frankly, it sucks and you're nodding now your head because I'm saying the harsh truth. I've been there...

Perhaps, you're a fresh alumnus of the university and a life abroad has always been tempting you. You're determined to listen to your heart and to hit the to road.

Whatever reason it is, I'd recommend living and teaching in Hong Kong.

But I must warn you. Once you decide to begin the journey, the way back often doesn't exist. You'll quickly change your personality and opinions without noticing it.

Are you ok with this?

I believe you've got a desirable plan of finding information about teaching English in Hong Kong. Otherwise, you wouldn't stumble across this post.

I've been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2015 and trust me it's a journey full of experiences.

If you're determined to hit the road to Hong Kong, you'll discover in this post three fundamental conditions that you need to undertake.


Qualifications for Teaching English in Hong Kong

The plain truth is, it may be or it may not be easy.

Even if you fulfil all conditions, the immigration will say the last verdict.

But don't worry, if you follow my hints, you'll be living and exploring Hong Kong soon.

As mentioned in the headline, there are three essential steps.

  • TEFL Certificate
  • University Diploma
  • Visa Sponsorship

1. TEFL Certificate

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

This certificate opens up the door to the enchanting countries and cities around the whole world. It can be countries that you may have always dreamed about.

In other words, you can start teaching in countries where English is a second language.

So Hong Kong is on of them.

The accredited TEFL certificate provides the necessary knowledge to become an effective TEFL teacher.

I've written The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide so you can be sure now that you get your accredited TEFL certificate quickly and successfully.

That's why the wise and fast process is to acquire a certificate online at your home through the guide.

2. University Diploma

In various countries, this isn't the requirement, however, in Hong Kong it's must-needed.

Some employers don't require it but the point is, the immigration does! So you have to bear it in mind that you should possess at least bachelor's degree if you want to teach in Hong Kong.

Many questions exist what diploma is the best. My own opinion is, it doesn't matter. But the higher weight should have a degree in education.

Along with university diploma, the immigration surely considers if you're from the English speaking country.

You may be in doubt now.

What if you aren't from the English-speaking country, would it be an obstacle?

In this case, you must consider the level of your English.

English should have been taught by a native speaker. But as I said above, it depends on the level of your English. So it isn't a necessity to possess the passport where English is the official first language.

Every person has a completely different accent. Sometimes you're not capable of recognising that someone with proficient English is from the country, where English is not the first language.

If you're not from the country where English is the first language but you wish to teach English, take it easy. I'd recommend working and studying hard in order to develop your language skills. After that, you'll know the best if you're ready or not.

In short, to possess the passport from English-speaking country it's the advantage but not the obligation.

The university diploma counts!​

3. Visa Sponsorship

Hong Kong is the high profitable market regarding English education businesses.

I believe, when you wish to teach in this city, you'll find plenty of companies.

It depends on your level of English, education, certificates and experiences.

But let's say, you've just acquired TEFL certificate and you don't have any experiences. So your chances are to teach for the following institutions.

  • Kindergartens
  • Private English schools
  • Educational learning centers

On the one hand, as the source of the institutions, you may find the Facebook group Hong Kong NET Teachers or a similar one. It's enough for the digging into research and asking around.

On the other hand, you might google all kindergartens, English schools and educational learning centers and send them your CV straight away.

I've done the second process and I ended up with the first sponsorship by the Synergy Education Company. And then I swapped to the second employer ABC Pathways English School.

Teaching English in Hong Kong

Make It Easy Peasy

In order to teach English in Hong Kong, you need the three essential steps described above.

Once you put at least these three things together, you must submit an application to the immigration. Your sponsorship company can do it instead of you.

So no stress because here is the crucial point.

Just like acquiring the TEFL Certificate, I recommend finding the company as well as submitting an application to the immigration at your home country. You don't need to fly to Hong Kong and you can use your time wisely.

I've been wandering through Asia over two years and then I ended up in Hong Kong. It took me several months to get started. When you follow my instruction, you can save tons of valuable time and money.

Now you should have a clear picture, whether you want to teach English in Hong Kong or not.

If you're continually in dilemma, let me tease you a little bit more...

Where You Can Teach

Once working visa is granted by the immigration, you'll soon stand in front of the students and teach.

What will be your feelings, huh?

Take it easy...

Where it depends on the circumstances of your employer. You might teach at several of the company’s learning centers as well as at various affiliated local schools.

I'll show you the list of institutions in Hong Kong where I taught students many courses.

  • Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College 佛教茂峰法師紀念中學
  • S.K.H. Kei Hin Primary School 聖公會油塘基顯小學
  • TWGHs Lo Yu Chik Primary School 東華三院羅裕積小學
  • CCC Yenching College 中華基督教會燕京書院
  • HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School 香海正覺蓮社佛教正覺中學
  • Chinese Y.M.C.A. Primary School 中華基督教青年會小學
  • Ho Lap Primary School 嗇色園主辦可立小學
  • PLK C W Chu College 保良局朱敬文中學
  • Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School 柴灣角天主教小學
  • Newman Catholic College 天主教新民書院
  • S.R.B.C.E.P.S.A. Lee Yat Ngok Memorial School 柏立基教育學院校友會李一諤紀念學校
  • Buddhist Lim Kim Tian Memorial Primary School 佛教林金殿紀念小學
  • GCC&ITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School 東莞工商總會劉百樂中學
  • Graceful Hands Learning Center
  • ABC Pathways School 超人家長親子網
Teaching English Hong Kong

What You Can Teach

Just like mentioned above, it depends on the conditions of your employer.

I taught 4-9 year old students Cambridge English courses such as Kid's Box, Primary Colours, Face 2 Face.

Additionally Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers and specifically oriented courses such as:

Let's Make This Happen in Your Life

You've just learned three essential steps that should help you to open the golden gate to the country of your dream.

The gate to the most vibrant and fascinating city in the world Hong Kong.

How seriously do you want to try a new challenge? Are you ready to start working on this adventure? Do you want to find happiness?

Here is the answer.

The decision is only up to you.

But I have to ask you one more question.

Will you make it happen in your life?

Let me know in a comment below.

Take action and be a Doer!

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