The Fastest and Simplest Way to Get Your Accredited TEFL Certificate

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Get Your TEFL Certificate Fast

Have you ever thought to leave your home and travel the world?

I don’t think one or two weeks' vacation but spend a longer time abroad.

Such a great idea, huh?

But the riddle is, how to carry out this step. The question which doesn’t allow you to sleep because you can’t find the right answer.

How to live a life of your dreams even if you don’t have either a sufficient budget, wealthy family or successful online business?

I believe you may have already been doing research on the internet.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I know how you feel and how it sucks.

I want to calm you down and show you that there exists an efficient, fast and simple way to travel the world even if you have no enough money for it.

It’s real, legal, enjoyable, unforgettable and fascinating.

Pay attention because this is not just ordinary post as thousands of others.


You might have already guessed, I’m talking about teaching English abroad with accredited TEFL certificate.

I've written for you - readers of PDBlog the complete guide to the TEFL course assessment. It'll allow and help you to pass fast and successfully the worldwide well-known online TEFL course. What guide you’ll find out details below.

The goal of this post is to give you information before you take any actions of purchasing the course. I’ll also mention what mistakes you should avoid in order to go through a whole process smoothly.

After reading you’ll discover how and where to get your accredited certificate with an irresistible bonus. If you follow a guide, you’ll be holding your TEFL certificate within few days.

And then?

You’ll finally travel and live a life of your dreams.

Does it sound great?

I’m not fooling you. There’s nothing tricky.

I’d never write on my blog anything that I’ve never experienced. Everything is proven and you’ll discover it soon.

It requires one thing - learning, however it'll pay off.

So, keep reading because here is the point.

Apply Your Decision Wisely

Firstly, let me tell you something.

I’ve had itchy feet several years ago, so I took action in January 2013 and booked a one-way ticket to the Philippines. At that time, I had no idea what TEFL certificate is and how valuable it could be. As time passed, I realised how it opens up the world to many fascinating countries and cities.

And I want to provide you with the best possible advice.

If you really wish to discover the world, you should acquire TEFL certificate before you pack up a luggage.

The reason is, you don’t have to study course somewhere on the road because it was a tough experience for me. You’ll be more confident, untroubled and stress-free. And you’ll have enough time to immerse into research.

What continent or city is only up to your imagination. Thus, when you have a desire to teach English in any countries where English is a second language, I encourage you to possess your TEFL certificate first

Pack up Your Luggage as Soon as Possible

Once you acquire the certificate, there shouldn't be anything between your dream and your life abroad.

In other words, the TEFL certificate will open up for you the golden gate into the world.

When you’re ready to teach English in different countries, you must unconditionally know some answers to the questions with requirements to get working visa.

With my own experiences, there are only two possibilities of teaching English abroad.


That’s definitely most secured and a non-stressed way to start living your dream.

Accredited companies offer high-quality internships along with the course.

Simply, you acquire TEFL certificate, select your dream country with internship and the company will take care of the rest. It includes picking you up at the airport, transportation, accommodation, school and other benefits.

The disadvantage is, it requires some budget at the beginning.

By Yourself

The second option is to book a ticket, pack up your luggage and leave.

Actually, I’ve undertaken this path. But I didn’t possess any certificate and I had to acquire it in Hong Kong.

I personally don’t recommend it. As I mentioned, get your certificate before you hit the road.

On the other hand, you might be an adventurous person like me. If yes, I’d suggest finding the most relevant information in advance about your dream country.

As soon as you arrive in your dream destination, you will have learned at least some plans and recommendations.

How to Get a TEFL Certificate Fast

While you’re reading this, you start turning your dream to reality.

In short time you’ll discover the most efficient and fastest way how to acquire accredited TEFL certificate.

Stay tuned! 😉

But still a couple of words.

On the internet is a large number of companies and you must be aware of them.

Always keep in mind several circumstances.

  • a company must be accredited and well-known worldwide
  • an internship with support
  • ratings and reviews from students

There is no condition that you must be somewhere in person, when you pass an online TEFL course.

I recommend acquiring min 120-hour course.

As the main benefit, you get a large amount of knowledge as well as it’s most respected and valuable in the world.

You might say now.

Damn, Patrick, tell me finally how can I acquire the accredited TEFL certificate FAST?

How is it heck possible to own it within few days?

Alright, calm down. Here we go!

The solution is…

The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide

I want you to pay serious attention because this is something that you can’t find elsewhere.

Hear this out.

Before I purchased a TEFL course, I had tried to find some guide which could show me a basic outline, structure, categories of the course. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.

That's why I wrote many notes during my studies.

As your friend, I give you the completely a free tool which will speed you up through entire course.

The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide

What is essential, if you follow the guide you'll pass 100% the course and get accredited TEFL certificate faster.

You may ask, how is it possible? Where is the catch?


Without LoveTEFL Ultimate Guide, you'd need to purchase anyway the course and go through module by module. It may take a couple of weeks even months to pass all assessments and get the certificate.

I don’t say it’s wrong because I’ve gone through the entire process.

The genuine truth is, along with the LoveTEFL Ultimate Guide exists better and faster way.

Like it? Keep reading.​

Why This Guide?

Let me ask you something.

What if you could…

  1. know complete breakdowns before purchasing the course?
  2. discover all modules of every section?
  3. grasp the right structure of the lesson plan?
  4. comprehend how to teach the four skills such as speaking, listening, writing and reading?
  5. reveal some final questions of the assessment or my own final lesson plan?
  6. acquire at least 50% of knowledge before making any payment?
  7. have a proven reference of two most well-known worldwide accredited companies?
  8. get an irresistible free bonus with the LoveTEFL guide?

By reading The LoveTEFL Ultimate Guide you'll discover all of it and much more.

After that, without any stress, you may purchase the course and go swiftly through it.

Does it make sense to you? ​

The guide describes everything you need and it’ll lead you step-by-step to the countries that you dream about.

Those dreams that will allow you to live a life in the beautiful destinations worldwide.

Get fast your TEFL Certificate

What Accredited TEFL Course Will Teach You

Once you grab free The LoveTEFL Ultimate Guide, purchase the well-known online TEFL course and acquire 120-hour accredited TEFL certificate, you will have learned how to:

  • schedule a lesson
  • structure a lesson
  • explain vocabulary
  • teach grammar
  • effectively teach four skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading
  • create a high-quality and pleasant environment in the classroom
  • assist to students with learning difficulties
  • understand theory of learning English in foreign countries
  • deal with problem-solving
  • find practical tips and advice
  • search assistant internship
  • get information about the countries where English is a second language
  • much more …

And then, with the TEFL certificate, you can choose the country wisely, pack up a luggage and go.

Let’s Turn Immediately Your Dream to Reality 

Teaching English abroad isn’t only spending a whole day at a school or learning center but it can include an unforgettable, enjoyable and fascinating adventure.

That's why teaching English is the best initial way to start traveling and living abroad.

Though you must be aware of fact that teaching won't give you freedom as you may desire. But this is something for further learning.

In summary, to teach and live abroad, just follow these steps:

  • Download free The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide
  • Go through the guide to the end
  • Acquire quickly knowledge of the course, tests and assessment
  • After that, decide if you're ready to purchase the course
  • Choose the one well-known worldwide accredited TEFL company
  • Pass TEFL course FAST
  • Get your TEFL Certificate
  • Travel the world and live a life of your dreams

Are you motivated, convinced and ready to hit the road to the world?

Are you interested in an exciting adventure?

Leave a comment below and let’s spin discussion about it.

And once again, with FREE tool The Ultimate LoveTEFL Guide it’s much easier.

Take action and be a Doer!

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